Nightmare Neighbours? 71% of Leeds residents have had issues with their neighbours

 No homeowner expects to have the perfect neighbours, but what are the things that really grind our gears when it comes to those living next door? New research by regulated property buyers, GoodMove, reveals exactly how Leeds homeowners feel about their neighbours.

The research found that there are plenty of nightmare neighbours in Leeds, with 71% of homeowners saying they have had neighbour’s with negative behaviour.

Moreover, in response to this negative behaviour the research found that 15% have reported them to the council, with 7% taking it a step even further and calling the police. Not only that, but for 5%, the problems with their neighbours got so bad they ended up moving home!

But, what are exactly are the things our neighbours do which most annoy us? According to the research, the top five pet peeves for Leeds residents are as follows:

  1. Being extremely loud (77%)
  2. Being overly nosy (62%)
  3. Parking/blocking your drive (59%)
  4. Having loud/annoying children (49%)
  5. Having a questionable lifestyle (46%)

However, it’s not all bad. Nearly half (48%) of Leeds  residents say their neighbours help water the plants or take in deliveries when they’re away, while 17% have even given their neighbours a key to their home – a major sign of trust!

Chris Salmon, Operations Director of conveyancing specialists Quittance Legal Services offers further advice on dealing with nightmare neighbours:

“If you are a home owner, it is in your best interest to avoid taking legal action (or having legal action taken against you) with a neighbour. When putting a property on the market, you have to declare all historic or ongoing legal disputes with neighbours on a TA6 Form.

“Having such a record may make your property harder to sell, this is particularly true if the issue is one that is likely to arise again. If you choose to withhold such information when selling, and the buyer find out after the purchase, they can take legal action against you.”

Commenting on the research, Nima Ghasri, director at GoodMove says:

“By no means does any homeowner expect or need to have the best relationship with their neighbour. However, unfortunately there are instances where you may experience particularly bad behaviour, so we thought it would be interesting to see just exactly what really gets on homeowners nerves can influence these relationships.

“If you do find yourself in such a situation, I’d advise trying to calmly discuss the problem with your neighbour in the first instance. If your neighbour is a tenant then you could also contact their landlord and explain your concerns. Should the issues become more serious, I’d recommend making a formal complaint to your local council.”

To find out more about the research and how to deal with nightmare neighbours, please click HERE.

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