Places to visit in Leeds this Christmas

The year is slowly coming to a close, and while it hasn’t been particularly what you may have wished for it to be, there are still some opportunities to make it end nicely. Thankfully, compared to the previous year 2020, there is no lockdown and life is gradually beginning to get back to normal. 

So, with December already here, Christmas is around the corner and there are various exciting venues that you can visit. For instance, if you had always wished to have a Forest themed Christmas, then you should read more on how you can enjoy festive fun in the jungle this Christmas party season. 

If you are new to Leeds or you wish to celebrate your Christmas there, this guide is just for you. We have provided you with the best places to visit:

Take a trip to Elland Road

If you’re a lover of football, what better way would there be to spend this period than to watch the Leeds United football team live. With the schedule of football games during the festive period, you’ll have plenty of football to enjoy this Christmas. Leeds’ schedule of games involves games against Arsenal, Liverpool, and Aston Villa on the 18th, 26th, and 28th of December respectively. 

The passion at Eland Road is unrivaled, with many fans also placing bets on the game, it can be very heated. Fans at the ground are very sociable and you may even end up going for a post-match pint with newly made friends. If Leeds wins, you can be sure of a big party out on the town and Leeds has plenty to offer from amazing pubs to nightclubs to first-class casinos. If you are still football mad, you can play football-themed slots such as Football Fever or Football gladiators and you can even play for free. There are places where you can experience free slot games. From there, you can check for all the best welcome bonuses including free spins, moreover, they only recommend licensed and safe operators, giving you peace of mind. 

Check out the Junkyard Golf Club

If you prefer to have a wild night of fun with others, then you should consider a trip to the Junkyard. There, you get to enjoy lots of activities such as drinking beer, having a cocktail, and playing crazy golf. The environment is also perfect for relaxation with the neon lights all around, perfect for families or as a couple. 

At the club, you have a choice of three golf courses to play at. These include Bozo, Pablo, or Gary. Each of these courses has their own difficulties. And if you feel you need some form of relaxation, you can always treat yourself to finely garnished cocktails, like the Freaky Tiki, Peachy Dream, or a Bakewell Crush.

Lotherton Hall

Lotherton hosts an annual Christmas event, and the one for the upcoming year will take place from the 27th of November to the 2nd of January. This is a really good location if you intend to come with your partner as you get to experience memorable events, such as walking through the woodland walk through the Lotherton estate grounds. The winding paths are complemented with Christmas lights that twinkle and there are really large Christmas installations. For instance, there is a maze of presents you can explore, a tunnel which is in the form of a snow globe as well as a really huge Christmas card you can walk into. This is definitely for you if you prefer memorable events you can talk about even years after.

Chow Down

Imagine a winter village that is able to bring together entertainment as well as good food, that is exactly what Chow Down is about. Whether it’s day or night, or days leading to Christmas or Christmas Day itself, this is a great place. Some of the features include a Rooftop Curling Club which gives you a chance to play winter-themed sports like skiing.

There are also bar services, live bands, and DJs which keep the entertainment going non-stop. While others may love to play in the snow, others would prefer keeping warm, so there are winter snugs, heaters, and fire pits for that. It’s all a very organized setup that provides a thrilling festive experience for holidaymakers. 

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