Royal Armouries partners with Violence Reduction Unit for a new gallery display

The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds is announcing an innovative partnership with West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit to create a new gallery display.

The Royal Armouries is collaborating with the unit which takes a unique public health led approach to tackle the underlying causes of violent crime. The West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit brings together specialists from health, police, education, youth justice, prisons, probation, and community groups to help cut violent crime.

The compact new display, entitled ‘At the Sharp End: Tackling Violent Crime Together in West Yorkshire’, is due to open in January 2022. Using objects, evidence and first-hand accounts this hard-hitting display will showcase the positive work done by West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit and the police to intervene and prevent youth violence.

The new display will feature the results of Operation Jemlock – a successful West Yorkshire police operation that made over 6,000 arrests and confiscated hundreds of weapons over the last year. As part of the development of the display the Royal Armouries and the West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit are collaborating with community groups to tell real-life stories of the challenges of youth violence.

At the Sharp End: Tackling Violent Crime Together in West Yorkshire’ will be exhibited at the Royal Armouries for six months, during which it is forecast that over 100,000 people will have the opportunity to see the display. Following on from this, it is intended that the display will tour the West Yorkshire region.

Dr Edward Impey, Director General & Master of the Armouries said:

“The Royal Armouries is committed to showing how human experiences have been, and continue to be, shaped by arms and armour. This is not a purely historical matter and is deeply relevant today as our towns and cities continue to suffer the impacts of violent crime. This new display created in collaboration with the West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit will demonstrate how violent crime is being tackled by communities and authorities working together.”

Director of the West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit (VRU), Chief Superintendent Jackie Marsh said:

“This is a unique collaboration with the Royal Armouries that will provide a window into the collective efforts to tackle serious violent crime across West Yorkshire. Keeping our communities safe is a truly partnership task and we want visitors of the exhibition to learn more about the challenges involved and what they can do as individuals to help. Engaging people in an interactive approach is crucial if we are to change behaviours and continue to impact upon violent crime within the county. I am really excited about the prospect of the display and what it can achieve in the long term.”

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