The Three Best Casinos in Leeds

best casinos in leeds

In the past few decades, Leeds has undergone a facelift of epic proportions. Thirty years ago, Leeds was an indistinguishable northern city looking to shake off the hangover inflicted by a failing industry.

Now, it is a flourishing city, home to the most diverse economy in the United Kingdom that is forecast to grow by 25% in the next ten years. That massive period of growth – enabled by Leeds’ decision to become the first British city with full broadband coverage in the 1990s – has completely transformed the city centre.

Major retailers and news outlets have battled it out to get their hands on valuable retail space in Leeds in recent years, with John Lewis being the latest boutique company to set up shop in the centre and Channel 4 soon to be broadcasting from the city.

The economic growth has also prompted a host of casino’s to establish themselves in Leeds and grab a slice of the city’s newfound wealth. Which, if any, should you visit though? Read on for a full review of the three best casinos in Leeds.

Victoria Gate Casino, Eastgate LS2 7JL

A vlog offering a peek at the facilities on offer in Victoria Gate Casino.

When plans were announced for Victoria Gate shopping centre in Leeds, a flurry of applications from casino owners whizzed their way to the offices of the city council.

At one point, Genting Group appeared to be the frontrunners in the bidding process. However, their prolonged legal battle with Phil Ivey over edge sorting in Crockfords Club seemed to rule them out of the running at a pivotal time.To find out more about edge sorting and how it works, head to 888 Casino online where Eliot Jacobson Ph.D, (Professor in Mathematics and Computer Science), explains everything and talks about how casinos can prevent it in his excellent blog post on what edge sorting is.

After the problems, in stepped Global Gambling to open the third-largest casino in the UK. The finish 4,645 square metre casino sits just about Victoria Gate’s modern retail arcades, boasting great views of the sprawling Leeds cityscape.

The casino – which has a capacity of 1,400 – features a live sports bar, a champagne and cocktail bar as well as its own luxury eatery, V Restaurant. If you’re into playing poker, Victoria Gate is the ideal casino for you. It is not just the best poker casino in Leeds, but according to many experts, it’s the best in the country.

Cash games are available every day of the week, but it’s a good idea to check the upcoming events section of the website to find a large tournament to play in. If poker isn’t your thing, there are many more table games to enjoy as well as hundreds of slots in this modern and glamorous casino.

Napoleons, 2 Bingley Street LS3 1LX

Before Victoria Gate opened its doors to a sprawling casino online development, Napoleons on Bingley Street was the biggest casino in Leeds.

Napoleon’s is less than a mile away from the city centre, just within the ring road and will take you less than fifteen minutes walk to reach if you’re travelling by train.

The Leeds branch is one of the biggest casinos in Napoleon’s portfolio in the north and is famed for its warm welcome to both old and new guests. If you’re a beginner or a little short of confidence on any casino game, the staff will be more than happy to give you a tutorial on how to play and the best ways to enjoy yourself at the table.

Like all casinos in Leeds, Napoleon’s has a relaxed dress code, meaning you can gamble in the comfort of casual clothes rather than having to dress up.

During the week you will be able to visit the casino from midday until seven am in the morning, whilst at weekends Napoleons is open twenty-four hours a day. Bar food is served until the early hours of the morning along with a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Napoleon’s restaurant, which is open until around 10pm is a great place to eat. The modern, yet tasty menu draws in crowds of non-gamblers almost every night of the week and is highly-rated by food critics.

Grosvenor Casino, Wellington Bridge Street LS3 1LW

If you visit Napoleons and don’t enjoy your evening or want to sample something new, fortunately, all you have to do is walk across the road to try out the Grosvenor Casino. The ambience and decor of Napoleons are somewhat low-key, whereas the Grosvenor has focused its efforts on going all-out to recapture the vibe of a Las Vegas casino.

Roulette, blackjack, three-card poker, dice, Punto Banco, slots and a whole host of other games are on offer at the Grosvenor. The venue prides itself on top-class industry-leading facilities as well as the professionalism of its staff.

The Grosvenor Casino prides itself on high-quality poker tournaments which cater to a range of players with different skillsets and bankrolls.These factors give the Grosvenor the edge when it comes to high-class gambling facilities for experienced players in Leeds. Like Victoria Gate, the Grosvenor places a heavy emphasis on poker with a packed schedule of tournaments on offer to attract players from all over the country.

In terms of refreshments, this is probably the most well-facilitated casino in Leeds. The Grosvenor offers patrons a wide range of culinary treats thanks to their partnerships with Absurd Bird, Field & Fin, Barrel & Stone and Holy Cow.


With so many great and well-established casinos situated in and around the city centre, Leeds is very clearly the city to head to if you fancy a night on the slots or the tables with some of the country’s most loved casinos based there.

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