Bundobust Brewery named in top 20 for the Observer Food Monthly

Bumper Bundo news! Gujarati vegetarian and vegan street food giant Bundobust, which has outlets in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, have this weekend been included in the prestigious OFM 50 from The Observer, recognising their Manchester Brewery as one of the top 50 best things in the world of food and drink right now, coming in at No.20. What’s more, Bundobust have also officially been named as one of the most ‘Instagrammable’ vegan restaurants in the UK just as they launch new limited-edition vegan cask beer, Dark Mild and vegan Light Ale, Manak.

Myvegan analysed Instagram hashtag data for over 170 popular plant-based eateries to see which ones are popping up most on people’s feeds, with Bundobust coming in at No.3 in the list, just behind London’s Mildreds Restaurant and Brighton-based Purezza, meaning Bundobust are the highest Northern-based restaurant in the list. 

Bundobust Brewery’s recognition in the OFM 50 comes at an exciting time too following the launch of their new limited-edition cask beer Dark Mild and Manak, a light ‘cream’ ale which launches this Friday. 

Dark Mild, Bundobust’s new 3.8% beer, is dark and inviting with a prominent malt character and a light and fruity aroma, the cask also presents rich, dark flavours of hazelnut, coffee and caramel. Dark Mild is a collaboration with Thornbridge Brewery and the first in a collaborative series of pub standards between the two brands. This new series of classic beer styles is inspired by heritage beer and an ode to the great British pub and a celebration of the unique dispense method of cask beer. 

Manak, at 4.2%, is the answer to the question “Beer?” and is the perfect pint for after work and repeat drinking, it’s a drinker not a thinker. It’s Bundo’s take on a Cream Ale – an American style that hits the ultimate refreshment spot between a blonde ale and a lager. The style is fondly referred to as a lawnmower beer; light, refreshing, drinkable: a beer. 

The results of the survey also come as Bundobust extends its Bundo Does Meat campaign in partnership with plant-based meat producer, Meatless Farm. The two companies have been developing an exclusive vegan menu for several months, using two pioneering meat substitutes to craft a unique selection of dishes. The menu launched in time for Veganuary and was due to end that month but due to popular demand has been extended until February 27th. 

Marko Husak, Founder says: “What a start to the year this is turning out to be for Bundo! I am very pleased that Bundobust is featured in Observer Food Monthly. Bundo has always taken beer seriously and it was only a matter of time before we brewed our own. The whole brewery project suffered delays with our brew kit getting stuck in China in early 2020, 3 Lockdowns, and the usual hold ups of opening a new site but we got there. It is also just over 5 years since we opened the first Manchester site and got that incredible Jay Rayner review, which started our journey properly. 

We’re also super happy to be launching our limited edition Dark Mild cask, it’s delicious and Bundo Does Meat, which has been extended until February 27th, has been even more successful than we had hoped. P.S. – who else peeked Ed Gamble on Great British Menu wearing our Wool Fleece Field Jacket collab with Universal Works and HIP?” 

Dark Mild is now available for a limited time only at Bundobust and Thornbridge pubs and when it’s gone, it’s gone forever. The limited-edition Manak light ale launches at all Bundobust outlets this Friday 25th February at midday. Bundo Does Meat ends February 27th.

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