Christmas Crackers Include Good Jokes By Mistake

A company selling Christmas crackers has created an emergency list of rubbish jokes in case customers think theirs are too funny. 

York Gin’s G&T crackers include jokes like:

“If you walk a mile in my shoes you’ll end up in a gin bar”


“They say gin can damage your short-term memory. If that’s true imagine the damage gin can do.”

Bosses fear they may have undermined the tradition for bad cracker jokes – so they’ve compiled a list of the worst Christmas jokes they could find. 

Customers can use them if they’re disappointed with the high quality of the jokes in their G&T crackers which cost £10 and contain a mini bottle of York Gin, a can of Fever-Tree and a gin fact as well as a joke.

The list of dreadful Christmas puns and appalling festive ‘funnies’ – which has been published on – has hundreds of the worst Christmas jokes and puns. 

Boss Emma Godivala said: ‘It’s our first year doing crackers. And we’ve used jokes from our own gin jokes book.

‘The mistake we may have made is that we’ve gone for the best jokes we could find. On reflection, some traditionalist customers may find them too good. 

‘So we’ve sold lots of crackers before remembering cracker jokes are actually supposed to be rubbish.

‘In a panic, we’ve got the team to come up with as many of their worst Christmas jokes and puns. The truly awful ones. And we’ve published them on our site. If anyone feels cheated at the high quality of the jokes in their crackers, they have a quick and easy source of terrible jokes to fall back on.’

The rubbish cracker jokes are here:

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