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Hambleton District Council Begins Council Tax Discount Review

A review of Hambleton residents receiving a 25% discount on their council tax has begun.

The Single Person Discount Review is used to detect people who are claiming a discount that they are no longer eligible for.

Single Person Discount (SPD) is claimed when an adult is the sole adult occupant of a property – and while the Hambleton Council knows that most residents claim the discount appropriately, there are a small minority who attempt to defraud the system.

Some claimants may not have reported a change in their circumstances and still receive the discount when they are no longer entitled to it.

Over the next few weeks the council will be sending letters to people currently receiving Single Person Discount asking for them to explain their current circumstances. Not only will this be a way of keeping records up to date it will also be a way of allowing them to notify changes. All returned forms will be handled by a centrally based local government scanning facility based in Nottingham which processes documents on behalf of many local authorities.

Anyone not responding to the letter will have their Single Person Discount removed and further investigations may be undertaken.

“We are dedicated to protecting the public purse and detecting fraud. We take council tax fraud very seriously so we are very pro-active in confirming all entitlements to discounts. We would like to thank our residents for their on-going cooperation throughout this exercise,” said Council Leader, Councillor Mark Robson.

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