I am Döner to launch special Camel kebab, but only on Wednesdays

I am Döner, who previously hit national headlines launching reindeer kebabs for Christmas, is at it again, with a brand new, unorthodox kebab option this May.

To celebrate the launch of opening their first overseas store in Dubai this month, the better kebab brand is introducing a Camel special.

In a nod to its new Arabian outpost, founder Paul Baron has worked with a local food influencer to create a unique recipe putting this Emirati delicacy at the centre of the dish – the spiced and aromatic slow cooked camel rump is accompanied by basmati rice and vegetables and topped with garlic mayonnaise.

Camel meat is commonly eaten on special occasions in many parts of the Middle East and is known to be nutritionally as good as any more mainstream meat source, in fact it has an edge over beef or lamb due to its low intramuscular fat, low cholesterol and high iron content.

I am Döner Founder Paul Baron said:

‘Having had so much interest in our other unconventional specials over the years, it was clear we needed to do something extra special to celebrate this big milestone in our development. On our recent trips to the desert, we were very inspired to find a way of bring camel to the menu here in the UK – we’ll have to wait and see whether it will be our best idea yet, or just the effects of dehydration and too much sun!’

In an additional twist, the special will only be available to buy from the stores throughout May on Wednesdays – or as it’s more commonly known, hump day!

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