Leeds Alterations Business Launches Winter Clothes Drive for the Homeless

Chapel Allerton-based clothing alterations business The Zip Yard has launched a winter clothes drive in partnership with Leeds charity Homeless Street Angels.

Customers of The Zip Yard and other local residents are being encouraged to drop off their unwanted warm winter clothing to The Zip Yard store in Chapel Allerton for distribution via the charity to those living on the streets or struggling to make ends meet. As part of the drive, The Zip Yard is offering their seamstress skills free of charge to repair any donated items.  

Neluka Dunning, Owner of The Zip Yard Chapel Allerton commented:

“We wanted to give something back to the community, and the very nature of our business means people are always bringing in their clothes for repairs and alterations. As part of the Winter Clothes Drive with Homeless Street Angels, we’re offering our services to repair items brought in by the public so that they are all in good condition to go on and keep people warm in the continuing cold weather.

“At this time of the year, lots of people are having wardrobe clearouts and replacing older items with new ones received at Christmas or bought in the sales, so it’s the perfect time to drop off coats, hats, thermals, gloves and thick winter jumpers. Homeless Street Angels do an incredible job of providing food, sleeping bags and clothing to those who need it, and we’re looking forward to helping them distribute donations.”

Shelley Joyce, Co-founder and Director of Leeds Homeless Street Angels, added:

“Winter is a particularly difficult time for those living on the streets – the temperature often dips below freezing and Covid has meant there are fewer people out and about who might have previously gifted items or provided warm drinks.

“Support from local businesses like The Zip Yard is incredible for us, and the winter clothes drive will give individuals the opportunity to give otherwise unused items that might have gone to landfills or charity shops straight to our clients who need them right now. It’s a brilliant initiative and we hope people will utilise The Zip Yard drop off point when they are clearing out their wardrobes.”

Those wishing to donate items can drop them off at The Zip Yard Chapel Allerton store, Chapel Allerton House, 114a Harrogate Rd, Leeds LS7 4NY.

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