New Naughty Nighttime Venue to Open in Leeds

A cocktail bar with a titillating twist is coming to Leeds this summer, putting a whole new spin on a naughty night out!

Behind Closed Doors will take over the former Wire nightclub venue on Call Lane and certainly promises to put the ‘D’ in debauchery. 

With its ethos of Sex, Rugs & Funk ’n’ Soul, Behind Closed Doors sets a naughty twist on vintage erotica with an adult only theme throughout to cater for the more adventurous party goer.

Established in 2015 in Manchester’s eclectic Northern Quarter, Behind Closed Doors is known for its salacious atmosphere with sexuality and pleasure-seeking playing centre stage.

After ringing a bell and entering through a secret door, customers can expect a tantalising menu of delicious cocktails such as the best-selling Love Bite, a pink gin, raspberry and cucumber slushie; Smoke my Sweet, a barrel stave smoked old fashioned and Chocstar Martini, a chocolate espresso martini with whipped cream top. Other tasty tipples include the penis colada and schlong island iced tea.

The décor is equally as decadent with 60s/70s inspired design, erotic pictures, sexy mannequins and adult tv emblazoned on the walls. 

There are also retro phones on every table, so if you see someone that gets you hot under the collar, a call is all it takes to get their attention.

Director and creator of Behind Closed Doors, Nick Parr, said: “Leeds has an enviable reputation for its nightlife, and it was the immediate choice as the location for our second venue. 

“When you visit Behind Closed Doors you enter a liberating, hedonistic atmosphere, where we want guests to release their inhibitions. From the scandalous décor and tempting drinks to the live DJ’s playing eclectic funk, soul and disco music, we’ve created a place where you can really show your wild side and indulge a few guilty pleasures. 

“As someone who has partied in the city many times, I know that the people of Leeds are going to love what we have in store for them.”

Behind Closed Doors is due to open in August. To find out more about what to expect click here.

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