Ponderosa Launches Vibrant ‘Ey up World’ Campaign for Leeds Bradford Airport

In a bid to enhance its brand visibility and showcase its extensive range of global destinations, Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) has teamed up with local creative agency Ponderosa for its inaugural above-the-line awareness campaign.

John Cunliffe, Commercial and Strategy Director at LBA, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Ponderosa has understood our brand, our target audience and tackled the insight head-on, coming up with some brilliant ideas for our first ever above the line awareness campaign, to bring to life our range of more than 80 destinations.”

The campaign, aptly named ‘Ey up World’, aims to captivate audiences with its bold and vibrant creatives. Cunliffe highlighted the campaign’s focus on stand-out colour and vibrancy, designed to increase awareness of LBA’s global reach directly from the heart of Yorkshire.

“Through the ‘Ey up World’ campaign, the series of creatives deliver stand-out colour and vibrancy to ensure more people become aware of the range of world-wide destinations we offer right from the heart of Yorkshire, at Leeds Bradford Airport,” Cunliffe continued.

The partnership between LBA and Ponderosa underscores a collaborative effort to boost tourism and business travel opportunities for Yorkshire. With over 80 destinations to choose from, the campaign aims to position Leeds Bradford Airport as a gateway that offers unparalleled connectivity without compromising on local charm.

For more information about the ‘Ey up World’ campaign and to follow its journey, visit Leeds Bradford Airport’s official website or contact Ponderosa directly.

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