Successful Hospice Appeal Means New Beds and Equipment for Patients

Thanks to the amazing local community, The Prince of Wales Hospice fundraised over £60,000 to purchase much-needed new beds and equipment to ensure comfort for all patients. 

In May 2023, The Prince of Wales Hospice launched their Nurses Wish List appeal where they set out to raise money to buy new beds and equipment because the nursing staff never wanted to be in the position to say ‘no’ to a patient due to not having the right equipment.

This was partly inspired by the story of Jason Hawley, a local resident and patient of the Hospice on four occasions. Jason was born with Down Syndrome and Epilepsy and in 2015 he was diagnosed with Downs-related dementia. As Jason’s condition progressed, The Prince of Wales Hospice reached out to Jason’s family to offer care. 

During his stays at the Hospice, the nurses were able to provide the ‘Cuddle Bed’ for Jason and his parents, this larger sized bed is designed to ensure loved ones can lay together at the time they need it most.

During Jason’s last stay at the Hospice, the nursing staff faced a very difficult decision between Jason and another patient for the ‘Cuddle Bed’. They ultimately allowed the other patient to remain in it, a decision that weighed heavily on the nursing staff. 

The Prince of Wales Hospice wanted to avoid these situations in the future, and asked the local community to help purchase items on their Nurses Wish List. As a response, The Hospice received incredible kindness and support from people and local businesses.  Within a few months, they have raised the required amount they need to purchase the much-needed items.   

Jo Benson, Nurse Manager at The Prince of Wales Hospice said:

“We are so grateful for the generosity and support. Knowing that there are people in the community who continue to support the Hospice makes such a difference to everyone here – staff and patients alike. We can now get a brand new second ‘Cuddle Bed’, which will mean we can make sure as many patients as possible get the opportunity to be physically close to their loved ones when they need each other most. We’ll also be able to invest in new specialist beds and mattresses to help prevent pain and discomfort from pressure sores, along with overbed tables that make it much easier for patients to reach their meals, drinks, books and laptops while they sit in bed. Little things like this make such a difference to how patients feel when they’re with us.”

“Our job is to make our patients’ lives as comfortable as possible in their final weeks and days and now, thanks to the local community, we have the equipment we need to make those final weeks as precious as they can be.”

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