Thackray Museum in Leeds holds launch event for new period-focused exhibition

Thackray Museum of Medicine’s latest exhibition has landed, and it comes in the form of a vibrant exploration of all things menstruation. Entitled A Brief Jaunt Up North and originally created by London’s Vagina Museum, the exhibition is open from January 8th until April 10th, covering the history of periods as well as the myths and stigmas surrounding them. A launch event took place last Wednesday evening (9th February) which included talks from The Vagina Museum’s Director Florence Schechter and Founder of Freedom4Girls, Tina Leslie. 

With the help of Leeds-based charity, Freedom4Girls; local artists, Leigh Bowser and Alice Needham; and four other community groups, Thackray Museum has added to the original exhibition to create a vibrant display of education and inspiration.

The exhibition is open now, and brings to life a journey through the past, present and future of menstruation, with an additional interactive textile installation encouraging visitors to think about what they wish they’d known about periods. Featuring bold, empowering statements, inclusive language and a striking mural, the exhibition is designed to boost confidence, challenge assumptions and prompt moments of reflection. 

Nat Edwards, Chief Executive of the Thackray Museum of Medicine, said: “It’s great to have been able to help local artists and groups bring some Leeds style and swagger to this important topic. Perhaps if we’d had more exhibitions like this when I was younger, we wouldn’t today still be facing issues like period poverty. The Thackray is all about giving people a platform, voice and sense of power when it comes to medical issues that matter.” 

Zoe Williams, Development and Marketing Manager at the Vagina Museum in London, said: “It’s great to see our original exhibition developed in this way, and we’re thrilled to be working with the Thackray Museum to take its important messages to visitors in the North of England. Our values of respect, integrity, empowerment and inclusiveness translate loud and clear in the creativity and conversation sparked by this exhibition.” 

The exhibition will run until the 10th of April 2022. Visitors can view it with a valid museum entry ticket, which once bought can be used for 12 months. 

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