The Broadway, Bradford rocks with national choir group

More than 100 members of the award-winning Rock Choir, a national contemporary choir, staged a flash mob at The Broadway, Bradford on Saturday (14 May 2022). 

Organised by the Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield and Dewsbury branch of the Rock Choir, the flash mob performance was Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’. Taking shoppers by surprise, what seemed to be normal Saturday visitors to the Centre suddenly burst into song and were joined by many more undercover members of the Rock Choir, filling the Centre with song. 

Ian Ward, general manager at The Broadway, Bradford said: “I’m sure visitors to the Centre on Saturday were just as delighted by the flash mob performance as I was. It was a wonderful display of community spirit and a showcase of some of the singing talent we have here in the region.”

The Rock Choir returned after the flash mob and held a 30 minute performance of six songs to raise funds for the Marie Curie Bradford Hospice. 

Narelle Hill, choir leader at Rock Choir, said: “Rock Choir participants from across Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield and Dewsbury have been rehearsing the Queen performance in their weekly classes and I’m delighted it was such a success. The hard work and commitment of the singers is truly admirable and so much fun was had in the build up and during the performance. We can’t wait to hold our next surprise performance and we urge anyone interested to join us to get in touch!”  

Rock Choir is the UK’s original and award winning, local contemporary choir experience. Aiming to allow members to create new friendships and to experience unique events, performances also offer the opportunity to engage with local communities and support local and national charities. 

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