The dinosaurs are coming! Jurassic giants ready to take over Bradford precinct

THE DINOSAURS are coming to Bradford city centre!

A life-size juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex and a meat-eating Spinosaurus are among the scarily-realistic Jurassic beasts featured in Bradford BID’s Dino Day on Saturday (June 11).

The free event will take place between 11am and 4pm on the pedestrianised area outside The Broadway shopping centre where children will be able to learn to be Trainee Rangers and pet two new-born dinosaur babies. 

It has been organised by the Bradford Business Improvement District (BID), the limited not-for-profit company funded by more than 600 levy-paying businesses and organisations to help promote and develop the city centre.

BID project officer Leanne Holmes said: “Everybody loves a dinosaur and these amazing life-like creatures, led by a team of interactive Dinosaur Rangers, provide a real ‘wow!’ factor that will excite children and make your Saturday shopping trip a real adventure for everyone.

“They attract big crowds and audiences wherever they go with their animated faces and body movements, real legs, eyes that stare and blink, tails that swing viciously from side to side, and life-like roars and dinosaur sounds.

“We’re really looking forward to a dino-mite day of fun and thrills; it’s a great way to make your visit to your favourite dino-stores even more enjoyable!”

The 8ft tall, 17ft wide T-Rex makes a huge impact when he stomps onto the scene with a loud roar. He comes with a Safari Ranger to guide him around, keep him in check and under control.

He will be joined by Spence, an animatronic Spinosaurus with distinctive spines and sharp teeth who is permanently hungry and on the look-out for food – so be warned!

Then there’s Cory, an interactive talking dinosaur who loves to surprise passing humans by commenting on their appearance and talking directly to them.

New-born baby dinosaurs – which could be T-Rex, Protoceratops, Triceratops, Brontosaurus or Raptors – will delight children of all ages. They are hungry for attention and not at all shy!

You will be able to meet the new-born baby dinosaurs at 11am and 3.40pm; Spence the Spinosaurus at 12 noon and 2pm; the T-Rex at 1pm and 3pm; and Cory the talking dinosaur at 11am, noon, 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm.

Every hour from 11.30 to 3.30pm (inclusive), children can join Ranger Training Base Camp where they will learn how to look after and control the wild dinosaurs. A Chief Ranger will guide them through Jurassic knowledge and then train them in what to do in an emergency situation – a dinosaur break-out!

Ian Ward, general manager of The Broadway, Bradford, said: ‘’We’re delighted to be part of Bradford’s Dino Day and to be hosting the mighty dinosaurs. 

“The Dino Trail is a really exciting event and forms part of our 2022 summer programme which is bursting with entertainment for all ages. The Broadway is committed to working alongside the Bradford BID to bring new and exciting experiences to the city and summer 2022 is set to be better than ever, offering families in the district a great day out together.” 

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