Sheffield’s popular Wizard themed venue launches new Potions and Street Food menu

Sheffield’s famous Wizard themed venue, the Steel Cauldron is launching a new Potions and Street Food menu this weekend. On Friday 27th and Saturday 28th May the Steel Wizards are hosting a special evening of cocktails (or potions as they like to call them) and Street Food from two local takeaways.

Since opening in August 2020 The Steel Cauldron has quickly become a popular choice for children and their families but there is also lots to keep adults enthralled. In the evening the venue becomes a kid free zone and the more mature witches and wizards can gather.

“We are tucked round a corner in Broomhill (which is quiet anyway) and  a lot of people still don’t know we’re a bar in the evening.  We want to change this!” says Chief Wizard and owner Robert Downham aka Sir Bazil. “We want to create a night time venue that is fun, inclusive and safe. A bar for people that want to have few magical drinks (alcoholic or otherwise), meet friendly people, play a game, eat scrumptious food and all in a wonderfully quirky environment.” 

Working with other local businesses, customers can order from popular Broomhill takeaways Burger Land and newcomer El Greco. Throughout the launch weekend visitors will get a free welcome drink, special offers on potion cocktails throughout the evening, closeup magic from the resident Wizards and even a wand making competition.

The Steel Cauldron is open as an evening bar Tuesday to Saturday every week and will remain open throughout the day with its fabulous range of food, drink and craft activities for younger and equally more wizened Wizards.

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