York Artist and Sculptor, Janie Stevens Selected to Showcase Her Work at Partisan

Known for hand carving beautiful homeware creations using natural locally sourced materials such as stone and wood, local artist and sculptor, Janie Stevens is now exhibiting her latest work at Partisan based on Micklegate in York.

The showcase is based on Mankind’s deleterious impact on Earth includes Janie’s sculpture, ‘Human Nature’ which questions our inability to agree on how best to preserve the Earth’s resources. The fractured abstracted split form is representative of this and was handcrafted in Janie’s studio based in Poppleton, York with the help of Matombo. This particular stone is from Zimbabwe and is not a stone Janie had carved before, so she was grateful for the support and guidance from Matombo.

Janie who switched from spectator to artist relatively late in life says “ I am thrilled to be exhibiting at Partisan alongside other local Artists, all of whom are fairly early on in their careers, like myself. Each Artist was carefully selected by Sophie Held, a York resident and esteemed Artist. Partisan is well known for being a Patron of the Arts and over the years has helped to promote several Artists. I feel my work is well suited to the Artisan vibe that Partisan delivers so effortlessly. The owners are both creatives themselves, so I wanted to attribute something eye-catching and hopefully my piece in White Opal has delivered.”’  

Janie trained under Dominic Hopkinson in Stone and Tim Foster in Wood at York College before opening her own business, The Greenthwaite Sculptor in 2020. Her work has been showcased at numerous independent businesses across York and is on track to get her work showcased on a more regional level over the coming year.

Janie continues “I am fortunate that I have an appreciative audience early in my career who admired the new and appealing pieces to make a statement within the home. Interestingly, a lot of my audiences love the fact that the materials I use are sourced locally which reduces the carbon footprint of the products. For example, I source the limestone from Tadcaster whilst the lime wood comes from a local supplier in Copmanthorpe. Sustainability plays an important part in my work, and I am pleased that this is being noticed.”

Partisan hand-selected eleven artists, who all work with different materials and varying narratives.

Janie ends “I think my work really compliments Partisan’s theme yet all the pieces of work on display all have their own individuality making each piece special. I am hugely grateful to Partisan for providing me with the opportunity to collaborate with them on this amazing showcase.”  

Janie’s work is now on display and for sale at Partisan. Partisan’s exhibition is open to view the work each day from 9am-3pm. For more information on Janie’s work visit www.thegreenthwaitesculptor.co.uk

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