Yorkshire-Based Amazon Best-Selling Author Announces Upcoming Book Launch

Yorkshire-based, Property investment experts, Abi Hookway and Gordie Dutfield, have joined forces to release their brand-new book ‘The Off-Plan Investor’s Handbook’, which is set to launch on Thursday 1st August.

The book, which offers insight into how to maximise profits in property, provides potential investors with the tools and information they need to start their property investment journey -something which Abi and Gordie are passionate about.

Between them, Abi and Gordie have built a property portfolio worth more than £8 million, with Abi herself having started her investment journey as a single mother of two and having amassed £24,000 in credit card debt.

Launching on Amazon, the book introduces potential investors to the world of off-plan and new-build developments and educates them on the process of acquiring their first property right through from the initial investment to managing the property and a portfolio.

Covering topics such as an introduction to new build and off-plan investment, how to choose the best model for your investments and how to manage multiple investments and properties as well as investing in property through pensions, the new launch provides a stepping stone to the world of off-plan property investment.

Previously an Amazon bestselling author for her book Flip or Flop: The Ultimate Guide To Property Flipping, Abi Hookway is a property coach at Doncaster based, property education specialist Touchstone Education, with a wealth of experience in the industry both personally and professionally.

Similarly, Gordie Dutfield, CEO of Redmayne Smith started his property journey at 25 following a successful career in sales, before making a switch to the world of property.

Through both of their experiences and expertise, Abi and Gordie want to educate the next generation of property investors on the best ways to maximise profits through property.

Abi Hookway, Property Coach at Touchstone Education, commented “Off-plan property has revolutionised our lives, and since we adopted this property investment strategy, we’ve seen our portfolio’s increase in value exponentially and you could do the same. It allows investors to generate a significant amount of passive income whilst remaining hands-off and being able to enjoy the lives they’ve funded through property investment.

“We believe that off-plan property and new builds can be the key to fulfilling dreams and this book allows people to have the best chance of doing that.”

Gordie Dutfield, CEO of Redmayne Smith adds “If it wasn’t for off-plan property investment I wouldn’t have the property portfolio I do today. This strategy is key for property investors looking to make the highest returns, with minimal effort, making it perfect for those who are time poor. Through this book, we want to encourage people to take the leap into property investment and reap the rewards.”

Just ahead of the official launch on 1st August, everyone who signs up to the landing page by Tuesday 30th July to register their interest will be able to get their hands on the book for just 99p in the 24-hour pre-sale access. Following the flash sale, the book will RRP for £10.95.

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