Yorkshire Couple Celebrate Love and Life with Heartfelt Hospice Wedding

In a touching celebration of love, Jim and Lisa Menzies, a couple from Featherstone, got married at their local hospice. The Prince of Wales Hospice created a sanctuary of love and dignity to celebrate this special moment for the couple.

Jim and Lisa met online six and a half years ago. Lisa recalls the beginning of their relationship: “I got a message from him on Facebook, and we started chatting. Then he asked if we could meet up. It took a while until I said yes and invited him for a coffee. He said, ‘No, not for a coffee, but for a chat’, and so we met.” 

Jim adds: “I just knew she was the one; it felt so good to be with her. We were like teenagers again.” 

Their bond only grew stronger over time, with Lisa saying: “He has stood by my side and helped me become more of myself. We’ve had a wonderful time together and not once had an argument.” 

Jim proposed one New Year’s Eve, and they made plans to get married. However, their wedding plans were met with a giant hurdle when Jim was diagnosed with terminal cancer and admitted to hospital. As his health declined, the couple were referred to The Prince of Wales Hospice, where their expectations have been exceeded.

Jim said: “The staff went out of their way to make our wedding happen. Before I came to the Hospice, I thought it was a scary place, but I have been treated like a god, with respect and dignity.”

Stephanie Gillis, Director of Clinical Services at the Hospice, said: “It was an extraordinary effort by the team at The Prince of Wales Hospice, given the urgency, to make sure this happened for the couple. We worked together with Lisa and Jim, as well as the Palliative Care team at Mid-Yorkshire Teaching Trust. 

“The Hospice’s charity shops provided the wedding outfit for the bride. We decorated the Garden Room with flowers. We did it all to ensure the couple’s special day would become an unforgettable and happy occasion.”

The couple’s wedding took place on the evening of 30 May 2024, with Lisa’s two sons as witnesses. The registrar made a special out-of-hours visit to the Hospice to officiate the ceremony, followed by a photoshoot and blessing from Rev Tracy Ibbotson the next day.

Lisa expressed her gratitude, saying: “No ask was too much for them. The wedding was amazing. I’m treasuring every moment, and for me, the Hospice room is our honeymoon suite. I cannot imagine a better place to be in these circumstances. 

“Jim was apprehensive at first to come to the Hospice, but he says now this is where he feels at home and wants to pass.”

Jim and Lisa’s story is a testament to the compassionate care provided by The Prince of Wales Hospice, which provides medical care whilst nurturing emotional wellbeing, allowing moments of joy and love to shine through even in the toughest times. To find out more about the Hospice’s services, you can visit https://www.pwh.org.uk

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