YO!’s Famous Japanese Fried Chicken is Back for Christmas

Back by popular demand, YO! lovers have another chance to grab a bucket of JFC this Christmas, following its limited-edition introduction to the festive menu last year.

Embracing the Japanese tradition of eating fried chicken over the festive season, YO! has once again switched up its menu to offer the tasty dish in all its UK restaurants.

The JFC Bucket features chicken tenders, a sweet chilli chicken wing, pork corndogs drizzled with cranberry teriyaki sauce, YO! fries, miso corn, and slaw. For a festive finish, they are topped with nori tinsel and served with a curry sauce dip.

For those that prefer a plant-based option, they can enjoy VFC (that’s Vegan Fried Chick’n) developed in partnership with Meatless Farm. Both JFC and VFC are available for £9.95 until Sunday 31st December.

Victoria Mathers, UK Head of Marketing at YO! said “Fried chicken for Christmas in Japan is a long-standing tradition and there’s clearly an appetite for festive fried chicken in the UK too – the response to JFC last year was fantastic. We’ve brought our JFC and VFC buckets back this year to give even more people the chance to try it and experience a little piece of a Japanese Christmas.”

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