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Bibi’s Italianissimo – Italian Food And A Party Atmosphere

fBibi’s is a name which is known far and wide across Leeds and beyond. Not only is it one of the longest established restaurants in Leeds, it’s been cited as one of the biggest restaurants in Britain, reportedly serving a whopping 4,000 covers a week.

Internally, you’ll find a glitzy, somewhat over the top decor which is reminiscent of a Las Vegas restaurant. As well as having a diverse and eclectic menu of Italian dishes, it’s well known for its evening entertainment and the showtime acts which often attract large crowds, who choose Bibi’s as their restaurant of choice.

A restaurant with such a long and well-established reputation is sure to attract all types of feedback, and it’s a testament to the team that even 40 years on, the general consensus is that Bibi’s is a good restaurant.

It’s worth baring in mind that Bibi’s during the day, and Bibi’s during the evening are two drastically different experiences. Firstly, the price varies, with two courses available for £10.95 during the day – making it a fairly affordable option for a workday lunch break or even a bite to eat on a shopping trip.

A recent visitor to Bibi’s said “Bibis Italianissimo Restaurant is a large Italian restaurant on the Leeds inner ring road, featuring a cocktail bar and a modestly sized Italian menu.

The restaurant, menus, and waiting staff all follow a twenties Art Decor styling that along with the number of occupants gave the whole place a great lively atmosphere. 

On our visit, the place was packed, but not overcrowded – bookings are well managed here. Expect to pay a deposit when booking

The service was excellent and efficient from when we arrived. The food was excellent and delivered promptly – I never felt rushed, and given the number of diners being served was a real credit to the kitchen and staff.

The night also featured impromptu dancing on the raised stage and celebrities – one at least – trying to enjoy a quiet night out, as if that were possible here!

Overall Bibis is not the place for a quiet romantic meal. Instead, it offers a great, fun night out”

Where is Bibi’s Italianissimo

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  1. […] Bibi’s has been at the forefront of the restaurant scene in Leeds for years. Being founded in 1974 they’re a well-known fine Italian dining restaurant with tonnes of character who’ve stood the test of time. As well as the inviting, Art Deco style exterior, the sophisticated, classy interior their food is fantastic and their Showtime evenings, where they host a regular calendar of music to complement the food is often the talk of the town. […]

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