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El Bareto – Perfect Paella and an Authentic Atmosphere

El Bareto is a must-visit for those with a love of authentic Spanish cuisine. Forget the food that you would find in popular Spanish tourists resorts. El Bareto serves the kind of food that one would find in the more rural areas of the country – dishes created, served and enjoyed by the very people who inhabit this wonderful part of Europe.

This is probably one of the best Tapas restaurants in Leeds due to the authenticity of its food and the relaxed, rural ambience it has worked so hard to achieve. Unlike many Spanish restaurant menus, the list of dishes available on offer at El Bareto is pretty extensive and not just exclusive to tapas style dining. If you have an aversion to seafood or you’re a strict vegetarian, you’ll still find a whole array of dishes to tuck into with friends or enjoy alone.

All the dishes on their menu are very reasonably priced. Starters begin at £2.50 for Marinated Olives and the most expensive item on the menu is the Fillet Steak in Blue Cheese Sauce at £12.90. We’ve listed their starters and tapas options below but the full menu can be found on their website.



Marinated Olives – £2.50

Marinated Anchovies – £4.20

Slices of Spanish Manchego Cheese – £7.50

Ibericos ( Jamon, Chorizo & Salchichon) – £8.90


Chorizo Sausage in Cider – £5.90

Spanish Meatballs – £6.50

Garlic Mushrooms – £5.50

Oven-Baked Mushroom (Cheese) – £5.50

Oven-Baked Mushroom (Cheese & Bacon) – £5.90

Vegetable Ratatouille & Fried Egg – £6.50

Padron Peppers – £5.95

Jalapeno Croquettes – £5.95

Jamon Croquettes – £5.95

Pollo Croquettes – £5.95

Haddock & Prawn Croquettes – £5.95

Grilled Squid – £5.50

Deep Fried Squid in Batter – £6.50

Garlic King Prawns – £7.90

Lemon King Prawns £7.90


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