Viet-Thai is a small, friendly Thai restaurant in Leeds, run by a talented husband and wife team. Minh and Huong both come from Vietnam and have strong family connections to Thailand. They have combined the flavours of their heritage to serve a mouthwatering menu of authentic dishes to the people of Leeds.

Minh has an impressive 19 years experience in the food industry, which began back in Vietnam and Thailand where he learned how to create an abundance of fragrant dishes under the guidance of his parents. Later on, Minh headed to London where he underwent expert training to learn additional skills and master the art of cooking his favourite cuisine.

Viet-Thai is a cosy little establishment that seats 20 diners. Focus is very much on the freshness of the ingredients so expect superb quality produce in all their dishes! Minh and Huong have taken a healthy approach to Thai and Vietnamese cooking so expect light and delicious meals that won’t affect your waistline and leave you feeling like you have overindulged!

Starters are priced from £5.50 and main courses from £8.90. They don’t serve alcohol but you can bring your own booze to enjoy with your meal. Soft drinks are available.



1. Starters Platter: Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Juicy Tiger Prawns & Chicken Satay –  £7.90 /pp (Minimum two persons)

2. Vietnamese Crispy Spring Rolls, with a Light Sauce Dip – £5.90/5.50

3. “Cha” Vietnamese Fish Cake, with Sweet Chilli Dip – £6.20  

4. Juicy Tiger Prawns Lightly Battered, with a Peanut Sauce Dip OR Homemade Fruit Sauce OR Sweet Chilli sauce –  £6.20

5. Fresh & Healthy Summer Rolls, with Homemade Plum Sauce & Peanut Dip, with Tiger Prawns OR Tofu – £6.20/5.90

6. Chicken Satay, Dip in Peanut Sauce –  £5.90

7. Tender Squid OR Spare Ribs / with Garlic, Fresh Chilli & Spring Onion, a dry style – £6.50

8. Fresh & Crunchy Mango Salad with Fresh Herbs & Ground (Peanut Prawns/Chicken/Vegetarian)  – £6.50/5.90/5.50

9. Aromatic Crispy Duck 1/4 OR 1/2 – £10.90/19.90


10. Tom Yum with Tiger Prawns OR Chicken OR Vegetarian SMALL: £6.50/5.90/5.50 – LARGE: £9.50/8.90/8.50

11. Pho with Tiger Prawns/Chicken/Beef/Tofu  SMALL: £6.50/5.90/5.50 – LARGE: £9.50/8.90/8.50


12.  Green or Red Curry with Lamb/Fish/Tiger Prawns/Duck/Chicken/Beef/Vegetables – £11.50/10.90/10.90/10.90/9.90/9.90/9.50

13.  Vietnamese Curry with Lamb/Fish/Tiger Prawns/Duck/Chicken/Beef/Vegetables – £11.50/10.90/10.90/10.90/9.90/9.90/9.50

14. Tasty Sliced Lamb Or Pork Marinated in Five Spice & Herbs –  £11.50/10.50

14b. Vietnamese Caramel Pork (succulent pork in a thick,sticky sauce with warm spice, Moist style) – £10.50

15. Tender Chicken Breast Marinated with Fresh Ginger, Garlic and Spring Onion – £10.90

16. Crispy Chicken Breast with Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce OR Satay Sauce OR Fruit Sauce OR Sweet & Sour Sauce –  £9.90

17. Authentic Lamb/Chicken/Beef/Vegetables, Cooked in Chilli & Spicy Sauce        – £11.50/9.90/9.90/9.50

18. Traditional Black Bean Sauce with Garlic and Fresh Chilli, with Lamb/Tiger Prawns/Duck/Chicken/Beef/Veg – £11.50/10.90/10.90/9.90/9.90/9.50

19. Creamy Coconut Satay Sauce with Tiger Prawns/Chicken/Beef/Vegetables        – £10.90/9.90/9.90/9.50

20. Yummy Crispy Duck Breast with Homemade Fruit Sauce OR Sweet Chilli Sauce – £10.90

21. Shaking Lamb/Beef/Chicken/Veg, cooked with Fresh Chilli, Herbs, and Black Pepper Vietnamese Style – £11.50/9.90/9.90/9.50

21b. Lemongrass & Chili, Cooked with Bean Sprouts, Chilli & Herbs, with Lamb/Tiger Prawns/Chicken/Beef/Pork/Veg – £11.50/10.90/9.90/9.90/9.90/9.50

22. Juicy Tiger Prawns Cooked with Chilli Spring Onion & Garlic –  £10.90

23. Tender Salmon Cooked in Tamarind Sauce & Herbs –  £10.90

24. Catfish (A meaty white fish fillet from Vietnam marinated with spice and herbs) – £10.90


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