Thai Edge in Millenium Square Leeds

What’s The Fuss About Thai Edge?

It’s no secret that the Leeds dining scene has been subject to something of a resurgence in recent years. It seems that a new restaurant, pop up or eatery pops up every other day! That’s why it can be difficult to know where to eat when you fancy a meal out. In this article, we’re taking a look at one of the many Thai Restaurants in Leeds, and whether it lives up to its gleaming reputation and the scores of great reviews which you can find online.

Thai Edge is perfectly situated for a meal when you’re heading out in Leeds city centre, being found on the corner of Calverley Street and New Portland Street, overlooking one of the busiest parts of the city, Millennium Square.

It’s especially popular with people visiting The Carriageworks to see a show or attend an event. It’s found within the ground floor of an especially modern building with large windows which often entice people in and allow you to enjoy the view of one of Leeds most well known locations.

Within the restaurant you’ll find a light and bright setting, with open spaces and a light colour palette. And of course, what Thai restaurant would be complete without Buddha and waterfeatures contributing to the ambience?

The restaurant is broken into sections which allow for a varying ambience, depending on what you’re looking for.

In terms of the service, waiters are dressed in beautifully authentic Thai costume, and are on hand to offer a warm, traditional Thai welcome, with a pleasent “Wai” and a polite, graceful bow. All this adds to the experience which surrounds eating at Thai Edge.

Although the decor is sophisticated, it doesn’t overstep the mark into the region of being overly formal, meaning that Thai Edge suits a variety of occasion, and makes it ultimately more accessible – something that I believe is the cornerstone of a good restaurant.

In terms of the food, you can expect to find a varied and extensive menu of both Thai favourites as well as some more unusual dishes for the more adventurous among you. As is typical with Thai cuisine, the vibrant flavour and high quality of ingredients is the main event here. Although, the myriad of carefully selected spices and seasonings typical of Thailand are still somewhat foreign to the majority of western palettes, although Thai Edge have taken this into consideration and present a menu which retains the flavours of Thailand whilst infusing western tastes in a skilful and considerate way.

The dishes are presented beautifully, again adding to the experience of dining at Thai Edge. What’s more Thai Edge is a relatively affordable restaurant, and a couple can comfortably eat here, with drinks for around £60.

Their menu includes a vast array of dishes, including classics such as Thai Green Curry – Aubergine, French Beans, Courgettes, Kaffir Lime Leaves and Basil cooked in Coconute milk. – Flavourful and available at different levels of heat.

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