Which is The Best Curry House in Yorkshire? You Decide!

Over the past few decades, curry has become a staple part of the British diet. Whether it’s a homemade concoction loved and enjoyed by the whole family, a Saturday night takeaway from the local curry house or a blow-out meal with friends at a popular restaurant, most of us love a good curry now and then.

We think that Yorkshire could give the rest of the country a run for their money when it comes to producing the perfect Pasanda or a tantalisingly good Tikka Masala. Our county is bursting with excellent quality Indian/Bangladeshi/Pakistani restaurants that prides themselves on serving authentic cuisine as and when we crave it.

As part of our “Best Restaurants…” series, we are on the hunt to find the best curry restaurants in Yorkshire and we want YOU to help us.

Do you have a local restaurant that never fails to impress? Is there only one place you’ll visit for a celebratory curry? Comment and let us know! Nominate the Indian restaurant that you thinks deserves to be named at “The Best Curry Restaurant in Yorkshire” and overall winner of our 2019 Yorkshire Curry Awards!

All nominated restaurants will be invited to enter the awards. Once we have received all the entries, we’ll put together a shortlist based on number of nominations, customer reviews and menu quality. Once the shortlist has been published, we’ll give you the opportunity to vote for your favourite. The winner will be the restaurant with the most votes.

Get nominating!

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