Dales Chef Launches Range of Seasonal Ice Creams

Nothing epitomises balmy spring and summer days more than dreamy artisanal ice cream.

With that in mind, talented Head Chef Nina Matsunaga of Sedbergh’s Black Bull has created a number of exclusive refreshing flavours, all served up in the Dales Inn’s Stables rustically stylish ice cream parlour.

The playful ice cream parlour adds a splash of colour to the newly refurbished courtyard, while the ice creams are instantly Instagrammable, served up in their stylish waffle cones topped off with dreamy flavours.

Nina has carefully selected top-quality ingredients to create an array of refreshing seasonally inspired flavours, made with locally sourced sheep’s and cow’s milk from Love Ewe Dairy, near Kirkby Lonsdale in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales with attractions such as Gordale Scar, Malham Cove and countless others.

The current seasonal flavours include cherry blossom inspired by Nina’s Japanese heritage, classic vanilla made the seeds from fresh Madagascan vanilla pods, sourdough made with a slightly salted, rich, creamy, caramel and vanilla base, and the fantastic texture you get from the crunch of dried sourdough croutons, delicious double chocolate made with French Valrhona caramel and dark chocolate, a true Italian inspired pistachio gelato made using just sheep’s milk and rhubarb sorbet made using the finest Yorkshire Rhubarb.

Nina specifically chose to use sheep’s milk in her ice creams because it enables her to develop distinctive styles of seasonal ice creams. The richness of the milk and the small-size of the fat globules enables her to make full-fat milk ice cream. Which means that the resulting ice cream has a smooth, creamy texture and a delicious clean and fresh taste.

Nina commented: ‘’I’m constantly playing with new flavours and sensory experiences to create a feast for both the taste buds and the eyes. Working with really high-quality ingredients is what we do best. We’ve always believed that ice cream would be the perfect addition to the Black Bull as part of The Stables and The Meadow line-up. Now we can offer up a delicious spring and summer options that perfectly complement our handmade sourdough pizzas, artisan burgers, griddled seafood and vegetarian options.’’

Nina’s creations are available from the Black Bull’s Stables ice cream parlour and are priced at £2.00 a scoop.  

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