Hull’s Lost City Adventure Golf confirms long-awaited opening

Lost City Adventure Golf, located in St Stephen’s Shopping Centre, has announced its much-anticipated opening for 17th May, in line with the latest round of lifting Covid-19 restrictions.

The two, 18-hole indoor adventure golf courses will transport golfers to the heart of a tropical rainforest, with large-scale special effects, animal animatronics, ‘tropical rainstorms’ and dramatic, fun interactive features, providing a truly immersive experience for guests.

The first 25 customers to play the course will also receive a rare ‘Inca gold’ coin – which can be traded for a free game on their next visit.

lost city adventure golf

The attraction first delayed its June 2020 opening as a result of the pandemic, and has further postponed the date in both November and December, due to Hull’s tier three status and the latest lockdown restrictions.

Lane Scott, director of Lost City Adventure Golf, said: “We’re delighted to finally announce that Lost City will open its doors on 17th May in line with the easing of government restrictions.

“Delaying the opening was disappointing, but we are so excited to finally welcome new customers for golf, cocktails and some much-needed fun.

lost city adventure golf

“Our adventure golf course offers competitive fun for all ages, from families to couples and or even a great ‘first date’ ice breaker. Guests can expect a truly immersive experience, including life-like ruins and creatures – including a 20ft alligator! We’ve also worked hard to ensure that the venue is entirely Covid-19 secure, and we look forward to welcoming everyone, safely.”

The adventure golf course will be the only attraction of its kind in Hull and has created 15 new job opportunities in the city.

Alongside the golf courses, Lost City will also include a Tiki bar, hidden amongst the palm trees, that will provide golfers with a range of handcrafted cocktails, beers, freshly made milkshakes, barista coffees and food including homemade pizzas.

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