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Meet the Woman Who Was Hired as Chief Yorkshire Pudding Tester at a Leeds Restaurant

Last month, there was real buzz and excitement around the fact that a local Leeds city centre restaurant announced it was looking to hire a Chief Yorkshire Pudding Testerand willing to pay the successful applicant £250 for attending the exclusive tasting session. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat, take a look at our best restaurants in Leeds.

Dubbed by many as the ‘Dream Job’ and possibly ‘The Best Job Ever’, The Botanist Trinity posted the role on community platform, Airtasker, which has recently launched in the city.

In order to apply, candidates were asked to click ‘make an offer’ on the post, and share a story around their most memorable roast dinner in the comments. The tale that made the Head Chef and his team ‘laugh or cry the most’ would then be given the chance to join them for an exclusive tasting session – to try out a range of Yorkshire puddings (using a variety of different methods), and asked to give their honest feedback.

Over 80 people applied for the role, but one woman’s story caught the eye of The Botanist Trinity team – and that was 24-year-old Insurance Claims Advisor, Olivia Hudson, from Leeds. Her entry read as follows*…

Photo credit: Airtasker

Olivia said that she’d found out about the ‘Yorkshire Pudding Tester’ task when her sister tagged her in a post on Facebook – “As someone very close to me, she knew it would be the perfect task for me – a Yorkshire pudding lover with a big appetite! I’d never used Airtasker before but thought I’d give it a go and throw my name in the hat.”

After being notified that she’d been hired for the job, Olivia explained how she felt when she found out: “I was so excited when I was picked, I was jumping around at work – everyone thought I had won the X Factor or something (in my eyes this was better!)”.

Bringing along her sister (as a thank you for tagging her in the post) and her Mum, Olivia attended the exclusive tasting session on Sunday 25th November.

Sharing details of the day, Olivia commented, “I first of all had three giant Yorkshire puddings to taste from – a gluten free Yorkshire pud, a Yorkshire made with sage, and one that was made using a traditional recipe. The staff did tell me there would be more food coming so to try not fill up too much…but they were too enjoyable not to polish off! The traditional Yorkshire pud was by far the most aesthetically pleasing as it was very big and fluffy. However, the sage Yorkshire pudding was so tasty and flavoursome…I think this one definitely had to be my favourite!”

Photo credit: Olivia Hudson

“I was then presented with 3 full roast dinners each with a selection of 3 meats, so I could really sample how well the Yorkshires went with meat. The sage Yorkshire pud was perfect with chicken, the gluten free pudding worked well with pork and the beef went hand in hand with the good old traditional Yorkshire. I think everyone was quite surprised at how much I could put away (being only a small girl of 5-foot-tall!) but it was all washed down with a beautiful The Botanist Pornstar Martini!”

Photo credit: Olivia Hudson

“All in all, every Yorkshire pudding brought something special and I feel like there was a little bit of something for everyone. If you’re looking for gluten-free, the Yorkshire pud was so yummy you couldn’t even tell it was missing gluten. The sage Yorkshire pudding was so tasty and moreish, quite salty and very delicious. However, if you’re just looking for a big fluffy Yorkshire that makes your mouth water, go for the traditional pud!

“I left feeling very full and content – thank you so much to the chefs and staff at The Botanist for making me feel like a Yorkshire Pudding VIP. The food was delicious, and the staff and atmosphere was warm and welcoming. I had such a fun day out and can’t wait to go back to The Botanist for seconds (and maybe thirds…).

“I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out on Airtasker for any more exciting and interesting tasks I can take on too!”

The Botanist team were thankful for Olivia’s feedback, and that she was definitely the right person for the job – with Head Chef Sebastian writing on the Airtasker platform “Olivia was utterly fantastic as a Yorkshire Pudding Tester…! She was a pleasure to work with and I will be implementing her feedback into the next recipe for the menu very soon.”

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