10 Best UK Gardening Podcasts in 2023

Want to participate in interactive gardening events, learn more about the history of gardening, find out how to keep your garden plants alive, or get your plants to flower? A small selection of podcasts is available to you. 

Our top 10 gardening podcasts will take you worldwide, no matter how much experience you have. You can also reach Serenata flower delivery to deliver your favorite plants to your home. 

Roots and All

The Roots and All podcast is perfect for you if you’re looking for advice on how to grow a healthy and productive garden. 

Sarah Wilson, a British broadcaster, hosts this award-winning podcast. The show’s emphasis is on environmentally friendly gardening, offering insider tips and straightforward advice on achieving those goals. She is talking to various gardening experts on anything from soil science to garden design, from flowers to trees. 

Biologist/author David Goulson, ecotherapist Stephen Batorijs, kitchen gardener/forager Stephen Barstow (from Norway), and more make up this week’s unique lineup of guests.

Epic Gardening

Kevin Espirit, a hydroponics fanatic, urban gardener, and plant lover, hosts The Epic Gardening, a daily podcast packed with gardening advice. Each day, Kevin releases a new episode in which he answers listeners’ gardening queries and offers advice to those interested in learning more about gardening. Winter fruit tree maintenance, ecosystem landscaping advantages, edible ecosystem layout, and more are a few of the subjects discussed in the show. A total of 10,000,000 people throughout the world have benefited from his teachings on how to cultivate virtually any kind of plant.

Cultivating Place

Every week, Jennifer Jewell hosts The Cultivating Place, a podcast about gardening that delves into the meaning behind the hobby. She shares in-depth conversations with the audience with farmers, gardeners, biologists, and naturalists, illuminating the connections between the ever-changing processes of plants, soils, climate, seasons, and animals and how they sustain the spaces we cultivate.

Let’s Argue About Plants!

The editors of Fine Gardening host a podcast called Let’s Argue About Plants! for plant enthusiasts, in which they discuss virtually every aspect of gardening. Editor-in-Chief Steve Aitken and Senior Editor Danielle Sherry, who present the show, explore various gardening-related themes at length. They have gardeners and other professionals on to discuss what listeners might want to cultivate in their backyards. Topics range from indigenous vegetation to ornamental grass to recommended plant combinations.

In Defense of Plants

American botanist, plant lover, and writer Matt Candeias hosts the gardening podcast In Defense of Plants. Topics such as cryogenic conservation and the controversial practice of plant poaching are discussed on this monthly broadcast aiming at curing plant blindness on a global scale. 

Resurrecting extinct species to yucca sexuality is an aim of this project. Matt talks to botanists and horticulturists from Kew and other prestigious gardens to shed light on their efforts to protect plants worldwide.

Away to Garden

Author, journalist, and former garden editor for Martha Stewart Livin and garden writer Margaret Roach hosts the gardening podcast Away to Garden. Some of the information she gives on the show is solely applicable to American gardeners, such as that about native flora or specific garden pests. Still, some of it applies to Irish gardeners as well.

The Garden Podcast

Chris Young, who also serves as the podcast’s editor, presents each episode. It provides an in-depth analysis of the tales and characters featured in The Garden, the monthly publication of the Royal Horticultural Society. Chris offers pointers on how to cultivate a garden for optimal wellness. Famous names in British horticulture, such as garden designers Fergus Garrett and Dan Pearson, are among those he chats with on his show. The presentation has an outstanding balance between informative and motivational content.

My Garden Podcast

Penny Haslam hosts the garden-focused podcast My Garden Podcast. She discusses issues such as a lack of germination, dead sunflowers, trimming tomatoes, tapping raspberries, and more. Penny Haslam’s garden in Cheshire, England, is the setting for this episode.

The Beginner’s Garden Podcast

The Beginner’s Garden Podcast is a trusted source for novice gardeners seeking accessible resources, advice, information, and ideas. Jill McSheehy hopes to do more than impart useful knowledge; she also plans to define gardening terms as we go along. She discusses the most important seeds to keep in the house, where to find them, how to deal with problems in a spinach crop, and other related things.

Plant Talk Radio

Fred Hower, often known as “The Ohio Nurseryman,” is a horticulture consultant, landscape designer, and certified arborist with more than 50 years of expertise who hosts the gardening podcast Plant Talk. It’s a live, call-in gardening radio show for an entire hour. The host is a veritable wealth of horticultural knowledge, and he uses this knowledge to answer listeners’ questions in an upbeat and entertaining manner. He discusses gardening with children, caring for delicate bulbs and plants, planting in the fall, and more.

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