Malham Guide | North Yorkshire

Malham is a small village, found in the southern area of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. It’s a picturesque spot with plenty to see and do.

Perhaps the biggest draw to Malham is the surrounding areas of beauty, which makes it a great base for a family day out or for someone who wants to see what life in the Yorkshire Dales is like.

Local Amenities

Malham is a very small village, but it’s extremely popular with tourists and people who live in the nearby areas. Because of this, it has more amenities than you might usually find in a village of this size.

In the village, you’ll find campsites, pubs, bed and breakfasts and shops. In fact, the local pub, The Lister Arms was recently named Yorkshire’s favourite pub by the tourism board, Welcome to Yorkshire. Read our guide on the pubs in the area for more info.