5 Tips to Prepare for an Upcoming Yorkshire Road Trip

Yorkshire is a beautiful place. When you factor in the stunning landscapes, roaming hills, and award-winning beaches, it’s easy to see why millions of people flock to this historic county each year. If you have plans to jump in the car and whisk off to the north-central part of England, it’s a good idea to start planning your trip well in advance.

Whether you’re going on a short getaway or an extended stay, here are some practical tips on how to best prepare for your Yorkshire road trip adventure. 

Bring Weather Appropriate Clothing

Wherever you are in the country, you can’t escape the unpredictable weather. One day the sun is beating down, the next it’s pouring with rain. In fact, there are days where we seem to encounter all types of weather conditions! This means if you’ve got a Yorkshire road trip planned, it’s vital you bring clothing suitable for all forecasts.

If you’re going to Yorkshire in the autumn or winter, make sure you bring lots of comfy, warm clothing. Even if you’ve got the heating on full whack in the car, once you step outside and feel the breeze, you’ll be glad you’re in snuggly attire. As long as you pack right, you’ll be confident you haven’t left anything important behind.

Plan Your Route

Once your suitcase is packed and ready to be loaded in the boot, it’s time to map out your route. The great thing about Yorkshire is there are lots of lovely scenic routes you can go down. Whichever you choose, you’re bound to take in some brilliant sights. To avoid getting lost and stranded in the middle of nowhere, having a good idea of your route is key.

If you plan to stay at hotels or bed and breakfasts along the way, you’ll need to establish where they are on your route. Thanks to Google Maps, you can work out how long it will take to get from A to B. We’re not saying you need to have a strict itinerary in place. Instead, work out where your accommodation is, landmarks, and petrol stations so you can refuel. Make sure to take regular breaks along your route too, especially if you’re the sole driver! 

Check Your Car

You may be in good spirits and ready and raring to go on your Yorkshire road trip, but that doesn’t mean your car is the same! If you’re going to be on the road for hours upon hours, you must take time to inspect your car to ensure it’s in tip-top condition before your adventure begins.

To start, you need to check your tyres. If they’re in good nick, it’s always best to bring a pump along with you. As well as tyre pressure, take a look at your breaks too. Doing maintenance checks will ensure your safety and security aren’t compromised. Also, make sure your insurance policy is in date. If it isn’t, now is the time to search and compare car insurance quotes. Car insurance quotes are easy to compare with Quotezone, visit them to get the best deals possible at a cheaper price. 

Pack Snacks and Water

There’s going to be a whole load of time driving involved in your Yorkshire road trip. For that reason, it’s essential you pack plenty of snacks and water to keep full and satisfied along the way. While you can stop off at petrol stations and service stations, you’ll find prices are much higher! 

Before heading out the door, go to the supermarket and stock up on tasty snacks. To keep your concentration levels up, it’s wise to have protein snacks on hand. These will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Also, bring plenty of water so you and your loved ones can keep hydrated.

Secure Your Home

When you’re enjoying the Yorkshire dales, it’s easy to forget about what’s going on at home. However, if no one is in while you’re on your trip, there’s always the threat of intruders finding out and breaking in. Therefore, securing your home before you set off is paramount.

There are lots of security devices you can invest in that allow you to check in on your home wherever you are in the world, such as a ring doorbell. Make sure you have good alarms fitted and maybe ask a loved one to drop by every so often to ensure everything is fine and dandy. 

Before you arrive in Yorkshire and explore all the delights the county has to offer, getting organised and ready for your road trip ahead will minimise stress and ensure everything runs to plan. Road trips can be a brilliant way to spend time with loved ones and broaden your horizons, so doing all the above and crossing them off your checklist will mean there’s no stone left unturned. For more information on how you can secure your home before you leave, check out this article.

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