Enhancing The Features Of Your Victorian Property: A Practical Guide

Yorkshire features some of the most beautiful period properties in the UK, including Victorian-era homes, Georgian townhouses and Edwardian homes. While there are many new build homes, period properties have a special place in our hearts and are popular with buyers and tenants alike.  

Victorian homes are less prevalent than period properties from other time periods in the area, and while Yorkshire doesn’t have the highest concentration of Victorian properties in the UK, it does have a lot to offer for those who love Victorian décor. 

If you’re just bought a Victorian-era home in Yorkshire, then you need to find ways to enhance your property. That means working to create a space that’s comfortable, functional and in keeping with the period while still giving you all the convenience of modern life. 

Here are some useful tips and things you need to know when renovating a Victorian home so that you can get your project off to a great start. 

Find Out More About Your Property

The Victorian era encompasses nearly 70 years and is generally thought to cover from around 1820 to 1901, when Queen Victoria’s reign finally ended. Throughout that time, there were many trends and interior design developments, so you need to pin down roughly when your new home was built. You can then work out what styles and features will fit into your space and enhance it without changing it excessively. 

Check Out The Original Features 

Adding Victorian-style features to your home, such as tiled floors, patterned wallpaper and traditional windows, can be expensive, so try to make the most of any original features that are already present in your property. Some of these might be covered by newer wallpaper or floor coverings, or have been painted over, so check for any original features when you first move into your new home. Any old, dirty features can be brightened up by cleaning them or possibly revamping them with new grouting or varnish. These features could help you to create the perfect Victorian look in your home without spending a lot of money. 

Consider A Roll Top Bath  

When you start looking for fixtures to add to your home, you should try to combine traditional style with modern function. One ideal solution is a roll top bath for your bathroom. Roll top baths are a traditional, Victorian style of bathroom fixture that look incredible and are comfortable to use. Victorian plumbing wasn’t the best, and most traditional baths are too small for modern bathers. Thankfully, there are many traditional-style roll top baths, some with magnificent clawed feet to give your home a luxurious feel. Bathshack offers a range of roll top freestanding baths, as well as traditional-style taps, allowing you to choose the right style and size to suit your Victorian-style bathroom.  

Embrace Patterned Furnishings 

The Victorian era was famous for its amazing patterns, with the likes of William Morris creating bold, nature-inspired looks that are colourful and eye-catching. So, when it comes to choosing wallpaper, carpets, rugs, cushion covers, sofas and other soft furnishings, you should embrace patterns as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to choose multiple different colours and shapes, but try to find items that complement each other. It can be easy to overfill a Victorian-style room, so try to choose one or two statement items for each space. You can then spread your patterns throughout your home and make your space feel comfortable and welcoming. The Victorians loved lavish interiors and ornamental furnishings, so you can let your imagination go wild and find the perfect products for your home. 

Scour Second Hand Shops

Buying new Victorian-style products or genuine antiques can be incredibly expensive on its own. If you find any structural issues in your new property that need fixing, then you might find that your finances quickly become stretched. Renovating any home is expensive, but period properties often cost a lot of money to fix up and decorate. So, it would help if you embraced second hand shopping to try and find yourself some bargains. Charity shops, car boot sales, thrift stores and online second hand marketplaces can all be ideal ways to find unique Victorian-Esq pieces that will impress your guests and enhance your home. When you’re shopping for used furnishings and pieces that are in keeping with the Victorian time period, remember that you can always upcycle items if necessary. Look for pieces that are high-quality and can be renovated to fit into your interior design plans. 

A Quick Summary 

Making the most of the features in your Victorian property and adding new fixtures that match the period will help you to create a stunning space that you can be proud to call home. Victorian-era style is timeless and can make your house feel comfortable and look truly unique. If you’re eager to find ideas, then check out some of the most magnificent Victorian homes in the UK, and use the tips in this article. You’ll then be able to start your renovation project and keep enhancing your Victorian property over the years to come.

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