Golf GPS Watches: Answering the FAQs

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Finding out as much information around GPS watches is the only way of finding out which is the best golf watch for your game. 

There is so much information about every individual watch that you can never ask too many questions, you may be overwhelmed by the information in response, but it should help you make a sound informed decision. 

There is an infinite number of questions people ask when considering which is the best golf GPS watch 2023. This is because everyone wants to get something particular from a golf GPS watch to benefit their personal game. 

We will try to answer as many as the frequently asked questions as possible to help you narrow down your options and find the best GPS golf watch for your needs. 

Golf GPS watches: FAQs

If there is anything you need to know about golf GPS watches, hopefully it will be answered here. With the following information it should give you piece of mind that you can go and purchase a golf GPS watch with all the knowledge you need in order to make the best decision. 

Is a golf GPS watch worth it?

Golf watches are one of the best investments a golfer can make. Unless you purchase a golf watch you simply can’t stand or doesn’t work, I very much doubt you will look at your golf GPS watch and not think it was worth it. 

Obviously, it is dependent on how much you spend and how much functionality you receive – and whether you think the value for money is good. In general, golf GPS watches are really good value for money with the more you spend the more features. Most GPS watches will tell you more than just yardages to the green now, even on the simple models. 

What is the easiest golf GPS watch to use?

If you want a simple watch which is easy to use and navigate, with enough features to give you distances to greens, hazards, doglegs then we recommend the TecTecTec Ult-G GPS or the Bushnell Ion Edge because both of these watches are made by credible manufacturers, show very clear yardages, and when you get to the course you simple turn the watch on select which course you are playing and the watch will do the rest – if you so desire. 

Both watches do have other features you can benefit from but as golf GPS watches you can power up on the first tee and leave until the 18th green these are great options. 

How do I choose a golf watch?

There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing a golf GPS watch. Of course every golfer will have different needs and requirements for their game, many of the considerations are personal and will differ from golfer to golfer but there are some we think you should always bear in mind when choosing a GPS watch. It is important to think about a budget, the ease of use, how many pre-loaded course, accuracy, battery life, design and styling, and the screen quality. These are all factors which different golfers will prioritise differently, but if you keep these in mind you will inevitably choose the best GPS watch for you. 

Can smartwatches be used as golf watches?

Yes, the majority of smartwatches come as standard with incredible GPS capabilities. Most will be compatible with GPS apps on both Android and IOS. Therefore it doesn’t matter if you have an Apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, or any other brand of smartwatch, you should be able to add on the function of it doubling as a golf GPS watch by using apps such as Golfshot or 18Birdies.

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