How You and Your Family Can Travel Like Royalty in 2023

We’re so obsessed with public figures as a society because they radiate glamour, fame, money, etc. However, behind their notoriety, they are no different from ordinary people who do everyday things such as picking up their kids from school, weekly food shopping, and going on family holidays. But for some public figures, like the Royal Family, we can’t help but wonder how they do these things especially travel. 

Despite being the world’s most travelled monarch, we couldn’t imagine the late Queen Elizabeth waiting for her suitcases at baggage claim or squeezing into Ryanair’s infamously small plane seats while jet-setting off to Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, her most visited travel destinations. And with his coronation lurking around the corner, her son King Charles III is expected to have a similar travel schedule.  

Yet travelling like a royal isn’t reserved for the elite few; with the correct planning, you and your family can embark on a regal holiday that will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered. To help you achieve this, we divulge some of the Royal Family’s best-kept travel secrets, including making reservations at luxury hotels and choosing one of the late Queen’s favourite destinations – keep reading to find out more. 

Choose A Royal-Approved Travel Destination 

With King Charles III’s coronation fast approaching on the 6th of May, once he is crowned, he will be expected to follow in his mother’s footsteps and attend official foreign visits. As a result, he will have to visit the very same countries that his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, visited the most during her seventy-year reign. But which ones were they? 

According to official tour data released by the Royal Family and analysed by Audley Travel’s specialists, the top four countries visited by Queen Elizabeth II during her reign are as follows: 

  • Canada – visited twenty-two times. 
  • Australia – visited eighteen times. 
  • New Zealand – visited ten times. 
  • Barbados – visited four times. 

So, why not kickstart your royal-themed holiday by choosing from the late Queen’s favourite destinations? Like Canada, for instance? While it is commonly believed that what prompted the Queen’s frequent visits was her official duties, according to speculation from Audley’s Canada specialist Joseph Saunders, it may have been the country’s mixture of cultures and natural beauty that kept the monarch coming back for more. 

Step into the shoes of the former monarch yourself and take a Canada Tour. Whether you tour one of the many Canadian cities the Queen visited, like Halifax, or travel the outdoors in the Rockies, you’ll find holidaying in Canada a regal affair! 

Leave Your Jogging Bottoms At Home

You must look the part if you want to travel like a royal. No matter where in the world King Charles III is expected to travel to following his upcoming coronation, you can rest assured that he wouldn’t be spotted sporting aeroplane pyjamas, slippers, or activewear. When the Royal Family travels, they do it with sophistication and style, so take our advice and leave your trusty jogging bottoms at home! 

The male members of the Royal Family are generally seen sporting a suit while the females don smart designer dresses. However, this doesn’t mean you must sacrifice all comfort while flying like a royal. Each member reportedly has something they cannot fly without, be it a blanket or hot water bottle – so don’t be afraid to pack a must-have travel accessory for long-haul flights. 

Hire A Private Jet 

After the nightmarish past couple of years, sitting elbow to elbow with strangers on a cramped Ryanair flight isn’t the idea of luxury for most! So, if you’re looking for a way to travel that reduces contact with other holidaymakers and injects a little luxe into your life like the royals, why not consider hiring a private jet? 

While travelling via a private airline is considerably more expensive than upgrading your seats to business or first class on a commercial airline, it is more accessible than ever and is no longer reserved for the ultra-rich or public figures. However, the price to charter one can vary on several factors: the type of aircraft you want to hire and how long you want to hire it for. 

For example, if you wanted to charter a private jet from London to Glasgow on average, it could set you back between £8,400 to £14,200. And while that is a whopping amount of money, it’s the only way to get a personalised and luxury-filled experience that will make you feel like you were Queen Elizabeth II herself. 

Carry A Colour-Coded Carry-On 

While we might entertain ourselves with fantasies of King Charles III clutching a monogrammed Louis Vuitton while he’s flying to and fro, the truth behind the royals’ baggage is much more straightforward. As we all know, the royals like to travel in style (and who wouldn’t!), so they sport colour-coded, monogrammed carry-ons whenever boarding a flight. 

Each bag is colour-coded based on the family member carrying them; for instance, the late Queen’s luggage was always tagged yellow (and unloaded first!), while King Charles II’s luggage was always tagged in red like his son, the Duke of Cambridge Prince William. Consider stealing the Royal Family’s sophisticated look next time you fly for a more regal-themed holiday! 

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