New road traffic regulations to be implemented in 2023 (England) – You need to know this to save money. ULEZ and clean air zones. Check your exhaust manifold before driving.

Road traffic regulations in the UK are more like a textbook than a list of requirements and guidelines. Of course, it is commonly believed that having learnt the rules once, a person may not bother with innovations. However, this is not the case. The world does not stand still and in addition to the appearance of new transport (respectively, you need to somehow get along on the road), which appears, a set of recommendations for the convenience of movement, there are more global changes. This applies, among other things, to environmental requirements.  What innovations in the rules of the road have recently been introduced? Let’s understand together to be in all arms. 

Recent changes in the rules of the road

At the beginning of the year, new laws were announced, which in one way or another will affect all motorists. Some of them have already been adopted and are in force, some of them are waiting for the inhabitants of the country in the near future. It is worth noting that some rules will affect only specific regions, but most of them, however, will cover the territory of the entire country. What kind of laws are we talking about?

  • The growth of personal transport, narrow streets, and simply habit, makes many citizens park on the pavement. However, now it is simply impossible to do so. Partial or full parking on the pavement is prohibited. It’s worth noting that Scotland rolled out a campaign to prepare for the enforcement of this rule back in 2019. As of 2023, the law is fully implemented. That’s why, re-read the rule so you don’t get an unexpected parking ticket. 
  • In Wales, citizens will be forced to drive no more than 20 miles per hour. On the one hand, this way the government will buy the number of accidents, however, there is another reason for this change. According to the authorities, this reduction in speed can improve the living standards of citizens. Noise levels will be lower, emissions into the atmosphere will be lower and the use of ecological transport (e.g. bicycles) will be a more logical solution than driving a car. 
  • Fuel duty rates are returning to a more familiar state. Everyone probably remembers very well the exorbitant fuel prices in 2022. Today, however, we can see a decrease in its prices, although the difference between the cost of petrol and diesel fuel is still high. 

Special attention to ULEZ

So, today London has a so-called low emission zone. At the end of the summer, this zone will be made bigger and stretched over the whole borough of the city. This is due to the fact that a huge number of cars that drive on diesel fuel do not meet the previously accepted environmental standards in this zone. This format of vehicles can be travelled in the above mentioned area. However, the motorist will have to pay a toll. Otherwise, he will be fined.

The exhaust manifold: not only for the environment, but also for your comfort

As you’ve already noticed, there’s no escaping environmental requirements and it’s more than important to keep an eye on it. So why should you keep an eye on your exhaust manifold? The answer lies in its purpose: it collects exhaust gases from several cylinders into a single pipe. In this way, the exhaust gases from the combustion chamber are expelled, after which they go into the catalyser. If all engine systems are working properly, the life of the exhaust manifold exceeds 40 years. Exceptions are racing cars and cars whose engine is constantly running at maximum power. The passage of red-hot gases leads to a gradual burnout of the metal.


The greenhouse effect and all its consequences are a real scourge of mankind. How difficult it is to realise that it was man who created it. That’s why any rules that are designed to regulate harmful car emissions are very important, although not familiar. In addition, timely care of the technical condition of the car allows you to avoid unnecessary costs for fines and payment of moving.

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