Popular Side Hustles to Enhance Your Income in 2024

Side hustles – part-time jobs done alongside a full-time career – have become increasingly common over the last decade. 

With more companies operating online, there is greater opportunity for flexible secondary work outside of traditional restaurant and bar jobs. The current cost of living crisis is also driving people towards side hustles in an effort to keep up with the high inflation rate.

Tempted to join the two-job club? Consider these popular side hustles as a means to enhance your income in 2024.


Freelancing is one of the most flexible side hustle options and has the potential to be a big earner. You can do freelance work in the evenings and at weekends from the comfort of your own home, and you control the amount of work you take on – although you’ll still have deadlines. 

The most common freelance positions are in online content creation. This ranges from website development to writing and graphic design. Make sure you stay up to date with the going rate for your freelance role so that you know what your time and expertise are worth. 

Bed & breakfast

Those fortunate enough to have property, or the means to construct it, could benefit from starting a bed & breakfast business. This is a hands-on endeavour that is ideal if you love meeting new people. 

You do not need a specific licence or qualification to open a B&B, but you must make sure that you are operating within the law. Secure planning permission for any building works and if you are changing the use of an existing property from home to business. 

Ensure that you have prioritised safety in all areas as well. This includes conducting a fire risk assessment and having exacting standards of hygiene for on-site food preparation. Specialist bed & breakfast insurance can provide an additional element of protection from liabilities too.


Another side hustle that suits social people is tutoring. This can be conducted in person or online and across a variety of levels from primary to post-graduate.

Seek out people in need of your expertise and put together a series of lessons for a set cost. Tutoring opportunities are incredibly varied, from teaching English as a foreign language to helping a struggling student with their maths homework. 

Bear in mind that, depending on who and what you are teaching, you may have to prove your knowledge with qualifications or evidence of your experience. 

Pet care

Love animals? Turn your passion into a profitable scheme by offering your pet care services to friends, family and people in your neighbourhood. 

Pet care ranges from one-on-one ‘pet-sitting’ (think babysitting but for animals) to being a dog walker for a group of pups. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to learn about the proper care for the pets you’ll be looking after ahead of starting your side hustle.

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