Revamp Your Home’s Entryway: Stylish Door Designs and Furniture Pairings

Entryway furniture is often overlooked, yet if implemented correctly, it has the potential to turn a boring entryway into a beautiful and comfortable space with lots of functionality.

Apart from looking inviting, the entryway must be in tune with the rest of your home or the adjacent rooms. It must be coordinated with the rest and smoothly transition to the first room.

Finding inspiration for the entryway is difficult because plenty of designers pay attention to the actual rooms instead. However, it’s not impossible. It’s a small space, but its shape, configuration, and associated furniture can make it stand out.

A big bench for a welcoming approach

A big bench can be incredibly welcoming when someone steps into your home. It has to be a cosy spot, eventually covered in cushions. Entryway benches are excellent for large entryways, as you need some space.

You’ll often use it to sit down while putting your shoes on, but it’s also suitable for last-minute chats. In terms of design, the bench should match your internal doors to create unity.

You can also come up with a few extras, such as a rug with a suitable texture or maybe a small entryway table.

Be smart with an alcove

Small entryway? No problem! You don’t necessarily need a massive entryway to create a welcoming space. Instead, you can use every slight shape and design to create an inviting environment. If you don’t have enough room for a big bench, how about a mini one?

For instance, many homes have an alcove, a small recessed part in the area. It’s pretty common in apartments, as well as tiny homes. Get a piece of wood matching the alcove width, cover it in upholstery, and fit it in like a bench.

Throw in a couple of stylish wall lights on each side a bit of art, and you have the perfect entryway design.

Storage is a great idea

Storage will always represent a great idea when it comes to entryway designs. Even if you do have a special place for shoes, storage is great for those shoes that you don’t wear on a daily basis, as well as different other things and accessories, such as a shoehorn, a few hats, scarves, or gloves.

Storage by itself would look dull and boring, so you need to play along. Instead of pure storage, opt for a bench with underneath storage. Basically, furniture that serves a double purpose is ideal.

A bespoke oak bench with a few drawers will work wonders, especially if you opt for oak for your doors as well. It defines unity and a warm appearance with the wood natural grains.

Make a statement

The entryway is never given too much attention because you only use it to get into the house, rather than spend time in there. If you don’t feel like creating a seating area, at least come up with a statement that will immediately draw attention.

A console table will be excellent from this point of view. Make sure the material or appearance matches other big elements around there, most commonly the doors. A table will significantly support a lamp, a few letter racks, maybe for your keys, and some pads for memos.

You can also bring in a decorative plant for a splash of color.

If you do require a bit of storage for small bits, invest in a table with a couple of drawers underneath or perhaps some shelves. You’ll be able to get both style and functionality at once.

Slimline furniture stands out

You don’t necessarily need a small home to opt for slimline furniture. Stylish designs are just as handy if you’re simply after a beautiful appearance, more common in modern and minimalist homes.

Now, think about the practical profile. A bit of storage is critical in this area, where people can drop their clothes, hats, gloves, keys, you name it. Therefore, try to find a solution that gives you value for space, whether you get bespoke or standalone furniture.

Slimline furniture is not as practical as other alternatives, but it will give you a bit of storage and a stylish appearance. More importantly, it offers a feeling of space in tight areas.

What options do you have then? Wall hung shelves make an excellent addition to a cramped entrance. If you want a table, get something with slim legs. You only need a bit of storage at the top. That’s it.

Bottom line, as you can see, there are plenty of other options when it comes to enhancing your entryway with different types of furniture, styles, and designs. But then again, this isn’t always about the actual entryway furniture, but also about how to mix it with other large d├ęcor elements, such as doors.

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