The Best Way to Start Betting on Sports

More players than ever are putting their money down on sports wagers. There are more games happening on a daily basis than ever before, resulting in plenty of chances to put down a wager and earn a solid win.

The key is to get started with a few simple strategies in mind. It might not guarantee a win – it is part luck, after all – but it will certainly put you in a position to feel more confident about your wagers no matter what your experience level might be.

Shop the Lines

Whether you are looking for a sportsbook or a global live casino, there are little edges that can go a long way. Whether you are wagering on football, basketball, racing, or any other sport, an edge can be gained by comparing the lines. This is also known as “shopping” the lines.

The concept is simple. Each betting site has its own odds on each event. The differences between them might be fairly miniscule but they can definitely add up over the long run. By shopping lines frequently, you can find improved value, which can really impact your bottom line in the end.

Keep Your Focus Small

Another major key to sports betting is keeping your focus in a limited space. With so many sports and betting markets to choose from, it can become all too easy to lose focus and turn your attention to areas that don’t really make sense given your strategy. Limit your focus, at least at first, until you become extremely comfortable.

Bet on one sport or team to start. You can get even more granular by limiting your bets to one type of bet, too. Here are some of the strategies that can help you with football betting. The key is to keep things simple so that you don’t become overwhelmed and wind up making picks that don’t make a lot of sense. It’s not a guarantee but it does give you a little bit of a probability boost. 

Don’t Bet on Your Favorites

One of the most common mistakes sports bettors make is going into an event with a bias. If you follow one football club because you like them personally, that’s fine and well. Just make sure that you don’t let the inherent bias impact you when it comes time to place your wagers. It could wind up costing you dearly in the end.

Bettors need to remain objective when placing wagers. If you want your team to win, it may lead to you taking a bet that is less ideal than others. That’s not to say that you can never bet on your favorite club but keeping that bias out of your wagers allows you to enter your wager with a clear head and give it the best chance of succeeding.

Winnings, Not Winning Percentage

A common mistake that sports bettors make is thinking that they have to hit on the majority of their bets to turn a profit. The funny thing about that is that it isn’t necessarily true. But how can that be? Well, it comes down to finding the most value in your bets to maximize your winnings on each wager. Remember, your goal is to turn a profit over your betting career, not necessarily to win the most games.

If you don’t get proper value, you need to win at a higher clip to turn a profit. Let’s say you bet on heavy favorites regularly. You’d need to win at a 60% clip or better to turn a profit. But if you find value and create larger winnings, that number drops to 40%, which is much more manageable over the long-term.

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