The Reasons to Buy an Electric Car in Yorkshire

If you are sitting on the fence regarding electric car ownership, then you have come to the right place. This article explores all the great things electric vehicles bring to the table and why owning one to get around in Yorkshire might just make your life that much better. 

What is an Electric Car?

An electric car is one that is powered by pure electricity and nothing else. Unlike fossil fuelled vehicles, these cars use a charging point in order to be able to move around. The average electric vehicle offers around 100 miles in range. For everything you need to know about electric cars you can refer to ElectriX, a website powered through the LV insurance company. There are essential facts and different sections to view regarding all things EV. You can find out costs, electric car leasing options, insurance requirements and how to go about purchasing a vehicle. 

The Reasons You Should Buy One

Here are the main reasons to support an EV purchase which might help you make a decision one way or the other. 

Better for the Environment

Undeniably, the best part about electric vehicles is their impact on the world. They do not use fossil fuels and therefore are less of a drain on natural resources. They also have no emissions which makes them a lead in combatting road pollution – a significant issue in modern society. 

The Future of Our Roads

Electric vehicles will one day replace all other forms of vehicle transport. There has even been a movement towards making public transport electric as well in the form of electric bus services dotted around the country. Why are they the future of our roads? Because of all their positive factors with regards to carbon footprint concerns and other types of harmful pollution. 

Fewer Repairs

Cars break and there is no getting around this issue. We are not claiming that an electric vehicle will not have repair costs from time to time, as that is a natural occurrence with any vehicle. However, there is a noticeable difference between electric vehicle repair demands and other types of motor. The main advantage is lithium batteries for electric cars require less maintenance, are much more sustainable and do not require replacing as often as the alternative. There are also fewer parts that go into the actual construction of an electric car which means there are fewer parts to have to worry about maintaining. 

Less Expensive to Run

The price of fuel can be an eye watering reality, even more so in the current economy. However, with EV you can skip right past this as all you need is a charging point and cable. Of course, this will cost money in terms of your electricity bill; however, you can even get around this. If you want to take things further and cut costs in the long run, you can consider installing a solar powered charging system. 

Minimal Noise Pollution

Electric cars are known for being quiet. They are stealth machines that drive around with barely any sound owing to the differences in the way they are built and their engines. Normal cars contribute to a large percentage of the whole country’s noise pollution issues so you will be making a personal contribution to its depletion through EV ownership. Aside from this, and it is more of a commodity than anything, you will get a quieter driving experience while you are on the road making it more relaxing overall. 

Free Parking 

Nobody likes paying for parking, right? Well, one unexpected advantage that comes from having an electric car is that you probably won’t have to wherever you choose to travel. This includes places like supermarkets, commercial shopping centres, and most other types of car parks. You can even hook your car up to a charging point while you shop in an increasing number of establishments. 

More Convenient than Other Fuel Types

You can charge the car at your own leisure in your own space. This means no more scrambling around trying to find a petrol station or having that mad dash for a fuel top up before you need to get somewhere. You can stick to a schedule and plan in advance much more easily than with other types of cars because you have more control over the when and the how.   

Overall, there are a lot of benefits in electric car ownership. Much like traditional vehicles, there are multiple purchasing options to suit a range of salaries and circumstances. You can store and charge the vehicle from your place of residence, and you will have that peace of mind that comes with knowing you are doing your bit for the environment. If you are ready, do your research, pick your car and you will never look back. 

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