The Richest Casino Players – What Is Their Secret?

Almost all players, who at least once were visitors to gambling establishments (both land-based and virtual), dreamed of leaving the place as millionaires. It is commonly believed that getting the jackpot depends only on luck. But in fact, this view is not entirely correct. In many games, the gamer’s knowledge and gaming experience are important in winning. Today, we will talk about those people who have made gambling a real job. You will learn about their secrets and how they managed to catch luck by the tail.

Bill Benter – Gamer for Million Dollars

This man is considered the richest gamer in the world. He began his career as a gamer in Las Vegas. Blackjack is the first game that caught his attention. You can read more about its rules on this website: A man with a degree in science, decided to put his knowledge into practice. And it was revealed in the counting of cards at the blackjack table. After many years of practice, he was so successful that he almost always won. He managed to earn his first millions. However, his luck did not last long. Over time, he was forbidden to visit gambling houses in Las Vegas. It was for this reason he moved to Hong Kong, where a new stage in his life began.

In his new place, Benter started working on a special formula that would help him predict the results of races. In the end, he succeeded in creating the world’s first software to support gambling. The peculiarity of this software was that it contained a unique algorithm for predicting winning at horse races. To this day, this program is particularly popular among gambling fans. It allowed the man to earn about $100 million a year. 

Zeljko Ranogajec – “Joker” in the Gambling World

Zeljko Ranogajec is a professional gambler from Australia who made his fortune in horse racing and blackjack games. He studied banking and financial law and also had great hopes in mathematics. However, he didn’t want to graduate and get a college degree. Zeljko saw his future in gambling.

Photographic memory and high knowledge of mathematics were the decisive factor that helped the man to succeed. In just a few games, he could turn a $100 bet into a seven-figure winnings. Thanks to his own style of play, he quickly began making millions of dollars in card games. However, like Bill Benter, he was forced to end his “business” in casinos in Australia because he was banned from playing in them.

After receiving a ban on offline casinos, the man decided to focus on betting on horse racing. As with card games, he developed his own strategy, which contained key points such as:

  • focusing capital on low-margin odds;
  • contracting on exclusive terms with betting organizations.

Thanks to it, he was able to succeed in this type of gambling as well. A man who was previously interested in free slot games with bonus features and various types of card games began to make a lot of money on horse racing. In this case, he did not even need to pay tax on multimillion-dollar winnings. However, the fact that the man had such a fortune could not be ignored by the authorities for a long time. In 2008, the Australian Tax Office began an inspection of Zeljko, which led to him having to make a special deal, the details of which were not made public.

Edward Thorpe – the Man Who Conquered Coincidence

Edward Thorpe is a mathematics professor, author, inventor and professional gambler. He was born into a poor family, so as a child, he made a decision for himself to become a man of great wealth. To this end, he absorbed knowledge as best he could. School, university and various additional classes did their job – in 1958, the man received a doctoral degree in mathematics.

The man began to put his knowledge into practice. He was the first man to learn how to “count cards.” In 1962, he published a book called “Beat The Dealer”, which explained how you can win the card game of blackjack by mathematical calculations. To this day, it is considered to be the premier guide to this popular strategy. We recommend it for those people who want to learn not just how to play, but how to win at challenging card games. However, you can start with free spins slot games if this level of knowledge is not yet available to you.

Edward got his fortune not only from casino winnings. He was the first to develop card counting software, as well as a strategy for playing backgammon and baccarat. The stock market played a significant role in the success of his financial situation, which helped him increase his own fortune in securities and hedge funds.

Comparative Characteristics of the Richest Casino Players

Each of the men described above achieved success in the casinos because of their knowledge and skills. All of the men were distinguished by their special abilities in mathematics, which became one of the decisive factors in reaching success. You can see a comparison of the top 10 richest casino players in the table below.

PlayerTotal winningGames
Bill Benter$1 billionBlackjack, horse racing
Zeljko Ranogajec$600 millionsBlackjack, horse racing
Edward Thorpe$800 millionsBlackjack 
Tony Bloom$1.7 billionSports betting, poker
Alan Woods$485 millionsHorse racing, Blackjack , poker
Dan Bilzerian$200 millionsBlackjack 
Terry Ramsden$200 millionsSports betting 
Billy Walters$100 millionSports betting 
Phil Ivey $100 millionPoker
Howard Lederer$60 millionPoker

Based on the data in the table, it can be concluded that it is possible to make a large fortune in many different areas of gambling. If you want to know more information about the types of casino entertainment, you can find it here:

Undoubtedly, luck plays a decisive role in many of the games featured in casinos. However, as the experience of the above gamers shows, it is also possible to win with special strategies and knowledge. One thing is certain: it will be quite difficult to succeed in gambling without experience and understanding of the principles of the game.

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