Top Wild Swimming Spots in Yorkshire this Summer

Yorkshire is best known for its beautiful Yorkshire Dales and its quaint little villages, but it is also an amazing place to enjoy the summer sun and nature. With plenty of beautiful hidden gems where you can enjoy a refreshing dip, this northern English county is also popular for wild swimming amongst its picturesque locations.

Keep reading to find out our recommendations for the best swimming spots in Yorkshire this summer, and you’ll soon find out why wild swimming is Britain’s new craze!

Bolton Abbey

Along the River Wharfe, there are many good places to enjoy a refreshing dip. One of the best spots is opposite the picturesque Bolton Abbey. Here the river is a little wider and there is a good plunge pool which gives the depth and space for swimmers to stretch out their limbs and even practice some diving. This spot is easily accessible and some nice stepping stones get you across the river, so you can enjoy the beautiful backdrop of the 12th century Abbey. 

Kidson Force

Also along a river, this time the River Swaine, you will find a collection of beautiful small waterfalls and their pools. Some are deeper than others and are great spots for wild swimmers of all levels. More experienced swimmers can enjoy the deep pools for jumping off the waterfall whilst less experienced swimmers can enjoy the smaller and more tranquil pools dotted along the river. Kidson Force is easy to reach and only a short walk from Yorkshire Dale village of Keld. 

Thomason Foss Waterfall

Waterfalls are always a great place for wild swimming, as the deeper plunge pools offer the space and depth necessary to enjoy a real swim rather than a quick dip. Thomason Foss is no exception. It is easily accessible along a short path from Birch Hall Inn (also a good place to nip in and enjoy a coffee or tea to warm up afterward!) and boasts a tranquil little woodland area to enjoy nature and the chilly water. 

Hell’s Cauldron

Although the name of this spot is not particularly inviting, Hell’s Cauldron is a great place for more adventurous and experienced wild swimmers. Here you can find a small waterfall with a big deep plunge pool, perfect for swimming and diving. This spot is more hidden and takes a bit more effort to reach⁠— to get here you will need to walk down some taught, and not-so-visible paths. It must be noted that Hell’s Cauldron is better in summer and drier days as it can flood⁠—especially after heavy rain!

Loup Scar 

Very popular in summer, Loup Scar is a great place to enjoy the sunshine. Like Bolton Abbey, Loup Scar is along the River Wharfe. It is easily accessible and the large grassy patch along the river is perfect for having a picnic and sunbathing. The river currents are slow and easy, and the river isn’t too deep at this point making it a great spot for young kids and families. 

Cotter Force

Easily accessible if you walk down, off the path from Holmes Head Bridge, this multi-level waterfall is an enchanting spot to have a quick dip. Hidden between the trees and just off the path, this spot is not too busy but also easily accessible, making it a well-kept secret. Enjoy the tranquillity of Cotter Force and soak in the nature in this beautiful area. 

Wild swimming isn’t your cup of tea? No problem there is a wide variety of things to enjoy in Yorkshire from its picturesque towns to its great pub food. Wait for your wild swimming crazed friends or family in the comfort of some of the best Yorkshire pubs and make sure they have a nice meal and a pint waiting for them after their cold dip! 

Scarborough Beach (South Bay)

One of the UK’s top seaside resorts, we couldn’t not mention Scarborough. Although often busy, it is a beautiful spot where the south bay is usually flat and more protected from the wind and waves. This makes it a great location for wild swimmers of all levels, and it has become home to many wild swimming races in Yorkshire. 

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