Unveiling the Lottoland Experience: Insights and Customer Reviews

You want to make the best out of online reviews to ensure you don’t get shafted, especially if you love online gambling. So, if you are considering playing the lottery online, you are in the right place. 

ReviewsBird has gathered critical details about an award-winning online lotto site called Lottoland. This includes its legitimacy, the games offered, and what former and active players have to say about it so you can decide whether to play the lottery at Lottoland or consider other companies. 

How Lottoland Works  

Lottoland allows people from different geo locations to place bets on a range of international lotteries. This way lottery enthusiasts can predict the outcome of official lottery draws online on their phones or computers. 

Technically, you’ll not be ‘playing the official lottery’ but rather predicting its outcome. Lottoland is not in charge of conducting any official lotto draws. Instead, it gives you a safe platform to bet on their results from anywhere and win the same amount as official jackpots. 

According to the company, it makes smaller tier payments from the funds it collects after selling the tickets of the draw in question. In the case of massive jackpots, Lottoland has an insurance policy in place to cover their eventualities. A portion of the money collected from players’ bets is allocated for the insurance policy to ensure it can settle huge jackpot payouts. 

Types of Lottery Games are Offered at Lottoland 

Lottoland features a wide range of lotto draws from different countries. Some notable lottery draws available at Lottoland include MegaMillions, the Irish lottery, US PowerBall, Charity Lotto, Mini Lotto, Keno, Bingo, and scratchcards. 

All the information you need to know about each lottery game is available at Lottoland’s official website. 

How Much Do Lottery Tickets Cost at Lottoland? 

Please understand that Lottoland doesn’t sell official lottery tickets. As stated earlier, it is only a safe platform for you to bet on lottery outcomes. Therefore, every lottery has a specific price allocated to it. For instance, the Australian Lotto costs £1.20, the Eurojackpot £2, and the PowerBall £3.50. 

It’s also worth noting that, at Lottoland, the price of a massive lottery like PowerBall may keep rising. Big lotteries jackpots usually grow into the hundreds of millions, leading to Lottoland insurers raising their insurance premiums. Therefore, Lottoland usually raises its lottery prices accordingly to remain profitable. 

Is Lottoland Legit? 

Yes! Lottoland is a legitimate site fully licenced by the UK Gambling Commission under account number 38991. This regulation ensures that the provider has proved its financial strength to conduct online betting services on both big and small lotto games. 

It also ensures that Lottoland constantly passes through rigorous inspections from Independent regulatory bodies. So players can rest assured that Lottoland keeps its players’ information safe. Besides, several people have won millions playing at this Lottoland. 

Over the years, the company has claimed several accolades, including the “Alternative Operator’ and ‘Rising Star’ awards during the 2015 EGR Operator Awards ceremony, the most prestigious award in the gaming Industry. 

On top of that, Lottoland was presented with Best Lottery App and the Innovative Start-up award at the 2016 Gaming App Awards. It also won the EGR Operator Marketing and Innovations Awards the same year. 

In 2017, it scooped the Lottery Operator of the Year award at the IGA Awards and has won the EGR Operator Award twice in a row: in 2017 and 2018. 

What Critics Are Saying About Lottoland 

We have also sampled a few online reviews about Lottonad from various sites to see what former and active customers have to say. A lot of players are happy that the company payouts take a few days to process 1-3 days, while others feel that 1-3 days is a long time. 

Some gamblers are satisfied with Lottoland’s bonuses and promotions, as well as its casino games portfolio and sportsbook section. 

However, those dissatisfied with the platform say that Lottoland’s customer service team failed to reply to their queries or it took too long to address them.  

Final Thought 

Overall, Lottoland is a reputable company and is regulated in all the jurisdictions it serves. We also discovered that those playing the lottery at Lottoland receive various bonuses as opposed to those participating directly in official lottery draws. 

However, most of the negative reviews were due to poor customer support.

The company says it welcomes all customers’ reviews, including constructive criticism because it motivates them to offer better services. 

Nonetheless, ensure you make good use of online reviews, especially where money is involved, to get an idea of what you are getting yourself into!  

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