What Is the Purpose of a Persuasive Essay?

While students learn, they ought to face all kinds of challenges. Most of them appear when students try to write their academic projects. Essays are the most popular writing projects. They are also divided into various types with various purposes. One of them is a persuasive essay, and it became a headache for many students. Some folks find it hard to reach its main aim. Others simply do not understand the purpose of a persuasive essay.

What is the purpose of a persuasive essay? You are expected to persuade your readers that the standpoint you have selected to defend in your project is correct. You can criticize some methods, claim that you have a solution to a relevant problem, compare 2 opposite terms and prove that one of them is correct. In other words, you are free to prove whatever theory you want in any way. The main persuasive purpose is to convince your readers that you are right by using checked and clear arguments, facts, examples, and so on. Our ultimate guide explains how to write this piece of writing perfectly.

Start with a Topic Selection

After we have clarified what is the purpose of a persuasive essay, we can delve into writing itself. The first stage is the selection of a good topic. It is supposed to focus on a relevant issue, which may have no solution or leave some questions. You are to study it and provide the required solution or answers. Just be sure you carry out in-depth research and use verified information sources.

Create a Good Outline

The purpose of persuasive writing can be revealed in the way you create the outlines for your essays. All the facts and examples you intend to use to persuade your readers can be reflected in your outline. Add them according to the sequence of events you plan to offer in your text. For example, your template may look like this:

  • Introduction of general facts and a thesis statement.
  • Main body:
  • Point A
  • Point B
  • Point C…
  • Conclusion.

Write a Catchy Intro

The purpose essay is crucial, and you need to reveal it right at the beginning of your text. Make sure your readers will be interested in your essay. Offer the attention grabber. It can be a rhetorical question, shocking statement, citation, etc. Provide a few general facts on the topic and finish your intro with a strong thesis statement.

Develop Your Thesis in the Main Body

The purpose of an essay must be highlighted in the thesis statement. Afterwards, you go to the main body of the text. You are supposed to develop your thesis. Provide sub-theses in the body paragraphs.

It’s important to never cram several sub-theses into one paragraph. Otherwise, you may mess up the thoughts and attention of your readers. Imagine that you read a long paragraph that offers one argument after another without ending the idea. Such a text will be hard to comprehend. Therefore, cover only one point at a time!

Conclude Clearly

The last step you need to take is to write a clear conclusion. There is no need for advanced writing. Clarity and a summary of your project are all you need.

Firstly, restate your thesis statement in other words. Secondly, mention only the most relevant findings from your research. Thirdly, interpret their meaning. You have no more than 5 sentences to fulfil this mission.

Revise It

Finally, you need to check if your text is truly readable and free of mistakes. Apply various revision methods, such as reading aloud or in your head. It’s smart to use special checking tools, such as grammar checkers and editors. They help to spot grammar, spelling, word choice, stylistics, and other kinds of mistakes.

Summing Up

What is the purpose of an essay? Hopefully, we have clarified the answer clearly. After you know the main purpose, you can complete it with confidence that you do the right things. We have also illustrated those steps. If you need more facts, find useful books or blog articles similar to Creative Writing – What You Need to Know. Creative tips can help to make your texts vivid and impressive.

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