What to Look for When Buying a Second-Hand Car

Unless you are a qualified mechanic, it can be tricky to know what is best to look out for when inspecting a second-hand car you are considering buying. Even if you know how an engine works, there are plenty of other things that you should be keeping an eye on. The trouble is that you will never really know what to do after buying a second-hand car from a private seller. At least with a dealer who does this for a living, there will be a reputation to uphold.

Looking for used car sales in Brighton? Visit KAP Motors and get the best deals on pre-loved cars, many of which will come with a warranty you can buy, if wanted, to give you peace of mind. That’s something private sellers cannot offer, of course. In the meantime, however, here’s what you should be most focused on.

Seller Reviews

One crucial thing that many people overlook when buying a second-hand car is the seller him or herself. Check out how previous customers have rated them in the past to give you an indication of their professionalism, for example. This might not be related directly to the vehicle itself, of course, but it can make a big difference to how satisfied – or otherwise – you may be following a purchase.

Service History

Service histories demonstrate that used cars have been looked after properly. Ideally, you will see that the car has been serviced by qualified technicians. Any newly fitted parts should be noted in the service history so you can tell whether or not they’ll soon need to be replaced.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Although some good used car dealers offer extended warranties with the cars they sell, manufacturers also often provide substantial warranty periods. Even cars that are six or seven years old may still be under warranty, something that is worth knowing if a fault were to develop. Make sure the manufacturer’s warranty hasn’t been invalidated by the previous owner for some reason, however.

Serial Numbers

The serial number of a car should be clear under the bonnet somewhere. This is different to the car’s registration plate. Check that the serial number of the car you are thinking about buying matches its paperwork. Any that do not are worth avoiding completely because the car may have been wrecked in the past and put together from more than one vehicle by unscrupulous operators. 

Being mindful of the above mentioned checklist will have you sorted when you are purchasing your new- to-you car.

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