Why do cars need fog lights? Do cars have to have them?

For every modern car, high-quality road and ambient lighting is not only a very important factor for comfortable driving, but also for the safety of the driver and his passengers. Fog lights are a special piece of external lighting equipment in cars.

Image of the fog lights – www.autodoc.co.uk

What are fog lights for?

Fog lights are designed to provide better visibility on the road when light levels are low during bad weather. Fog lights are used to supplement dipped beam mode, visibly improving illumination of the road.

The light beams from the main and dipped beam modes are reflected by the moisture in the air and dazzle. Fog lights cut through fog, rain and blizzards, the light from these headlights does not reflect off drips, snowflakes and moist air, allowing the driver to see the road and other vehicles better, thus ensuring greater safety on the road in bad weather conditions. 

In low light conditions, the light from the front fog lights falls directly onto the road surface in front of the vehicle, allowing the road markings to be seen. The wide beam of light from these headlamps aids orientation in yards and on winding roads by allowing visibility beyond the kerb or kerb. Correctly installed fog lights provide a ten-metre view of the road, which is enough for a car travelling at low speed in bad weather.

Rear fog lights shine brightly straight backwards and are needed to alert road users following you in poor visibility conditions to your presence on the road.

Do cars have to have fog lights?

Rear fog lights are mandatory in the vehicle. In many countries, the presence of at least one rear fog light is a legal requirement. Rear fog lights must always be switched on when visibility is poor.

Front fog lights are considered optional and are not compulsory. They are, however, part of the necessary exterior lighting. Fog lights are sometimes fitted to vehicles by the vehicle manufacturer or they are installed by car owners. However, if you wish to orient better and stay safe in bad weather conditions, it is advisable to fit (if you do not already have them fitted) and use fog lights in your vehicle.

These together with low and high beam headlamps go a long way towards making your car more comfortable and safer to drive and making it as ready as possible for the worst kind of weather conditions. 

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