Why Yorkshire Needs To Be On Your UK Bucket List

The UK has a wealth of wondrous destinations. Ranging from the stirring mountains of the Scottish Highlands to the picturesque Pembrokeshire coastline, there are options to suit all tastes and desires. 

One region that has it all is Yorkshire, England’s largest county which encompasses national parks, heritage cities, and stretches all the way to the sea. You can discover the best of the UK without travelling beyond the county borders, and Yorkshire has its own unique culture for you to explore too. 

If you are planning to visit the UK, discover why Yorkshire needs to be on your bucket list.

Charming countryside

Yorkshire is blessed with three national parks, each with its own unique character and scenery. 

The North York Moors is transformed by carpets of purple heather in the summer months and features clifftop trails that reach all the way to the sea. In contrast, the Yorkshire Dales are more wild with ancient woodland and high peaks giving way to waterfalls and rushing rivers. 

Yorkshire also claims a chunk of the Peak District National Park on the county’s southern edge which is a calmer landscape of rolling hills and gentle limestone slopes.

Outside of the national parks, Yorkshire’s countryside is quintessentially English with pockets of woodland separating green and golden farming fields. 

All of these varied landscapes offer fantastic walking opportunities, with trails ranging from sedate strolls to challenging treks. A popular endeavour for serious hikers is to attempt the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, the local take on the national challenge. 

Enchanting coastline

Along the eastern edge of Yorkshire is a 100-mile stretch of enchanting coastline, praised for its historic importance and extraordinary diversity. It is easy to reach popular beach towns like Scarborough via train from York or by car, both of which take less than an hour.

The North Yorkshire Heritage Coast is comprised of cliffs containing fossils dating back to the time of the dinosaurs as well as semi-precious jet. It is also home to several important cultural sites such as the glorious Gothic abbey which crowns Whitby, and small villages with a proud fishing heritage.

Whether you are a family seeking a sojourn on golden sands or you want to take in ocean views from the winding coastal paths, Yorkshire’s beach towns will fit the bill.

A rich heritage

In addition to its staggering scenery, Yorkshire has a rich heritage that can be explored in a number of ways.

Those seeking outdoor adventure will love visiting the National Trust sites in Yorkshire. These range from beautiful old houses with flower-filled gardens to elaborate abbeys in superb riverside settings.

For a more fast-paced experience, visit the long-standing city of York. This city has been Viking stronghold, pilgrimage site, and thriving commercial centre, and still showcases evidence of its varied past. Children and adults alike will love the dynamic activities that bring local history to life, such as the guided ghost tours and the immersive York Dungeon that reveals the city’s gristly past. 

Yorkshire also has its own culinary traditions to explore to top off your visit. Don’t miss out on visiting a traditional pub, a UK staple and cosy spot to rest your legs after a day of adventure. Here you can enjoy an English roast dinner with extra Yorkshire puddings! For a sweet treat, indulge in a crumbly Fat Rascal or creamy Yorkshire curd tart.

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