5 Of The Best Market Traders In Bradford

By Matthew Crowther

Bradford’s two city centre market halls beat any supermarket or discount shop for great value, quality and service. Full of independent businesses, they are part of the real Bradford and a melting pot of different cultures. Take time to explore them and support local business.

Hollands Butchers, Oastler Shopping Centre

The meat at Hollands in the market on John Street is of the highest quality from farms across Yorkshire. Sirloin steak, spicy kebabs, lamb chops, legs of lamb, topside of beef, the meat at Hollands is full of flavour, service is second to none from knowledgeable butchers who take pride in what they sell.

Thai Noodle Bar, Oastler Shopping Centre.

Part of the street food scene in the market on John Street, the thai noodle bar is one of the most popular places in the market with loyal customers forming orderly queues at lunchtime.
Chicken pad thai is my favourite on the menu but everything is so fresh and tasty with great flavours and not forgetting such great value. You can sit inside or take away.

Roswitha’s Deli, Oastler Shopping Centre.

One of the finest deli counters in Yorkshire, Roswitha’s is a haven for foodies in Bradford. With the stall piled high with foodstuffs from around the world, there’s a mouthwatering array of continental meats and cheeses, jars of allsorts, olives, pasta, coffee beans, bread, eggs, cakes and so much more plus great advice on how to cook good food using many of the finest ingredients on sale.

The Joke Shop, Kirkgate Market

The Joke Shop has been part of the Kirkgate Market for over 30 years and is the place to head for in Bradford for fancy dress, jokes and novelties. They sell just about everything you would need for a halloween party or any other occasion where you need to dress or provide a wuppee cushion and a laugh and a joke. They also sell a good wide choice of greeting cards and gifts.

Baxendalls Cafe, Kirkgate Market.

Market cafes are special places and often feel retro and old school at a time when coffee shop chains and artisan coffee houses dominate the main streets.

At Baxendalls you can enjoy good reliable service, a clean environment and food which is freshly cooked, plentiful and good value. My favourite is the classic sausage, chips and beans however the menu is extensive with everything from omelettes to roast dinners and jacket potatoes to full English breakfasts.

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