Adam Bradford enlists services of leading PR agency

Social activist and entrepreneur Adam Bradford has agreed a retainer contract with Brighouse-based PR and comms agency Faith to underpin his future ambitions following the recent sale of his BetProtect app.

Bradford developed BetProtect along with his father, David, after David’s own battle with gambling addiction ultimately led to him being imprisoned for fraud.

The app, which is designed to help at-risk gamblers, was sold to industry-leading compliance specialist Crucial Compliance, who will oversee its roll out to millions of players.

Following the acquisition and the subsequent dissolution of his Safer Online Gambling Group, Bradford will now dedicate more time to his social activism work and management of the Adam Bradford Agency.

He has enlisted the services of Faith to help him more effectively connect to ongoing national conversations around entrepreneurship and investment, with a particular focus on creating opportunities for young people.

Through the Adam Bradford Agency and the AdamStart initiative, Bradford has supported young entrepreneurs throughout the UK and internationally, after having himself been named a Queen’s Young Leader in 2016.

Diagnosed with Asperger syndrome aged 11, Bradford started his first business at 15 and has overcome several hurdles to become a successful entrepreneur, business advisor and social activist.

He is eager to pass on his experience and insight to others, and to continue his work lobbying for changes in society and business that benefit those without in-built access to the requisite opportunities.

Adam Bradford said: “The sale of the BetProtect app marked another major milestone in my career and drew a significant chapter of my life to a close. Now, as I turn my attentions to the next chapter, I am delighted to be building this relationship with Faith.

“I will be working closely with Stefanie and her team so that I can add my voice to important national conversations, and continue to lobby for change and create opportunities in business for more young people.”

Faith managing director Stefanie Hopkins said: “We recently worked with Adam and his Safer Online Gambling Group to announce the acquisition of the BetProtect app by Crucial Compliance, and it has been a privilege to join him on his journey.

“Adam has a fascinating and inspiring story to tell, and we look forward to working with our colleagues in the media to help ensure his work to support others continues.”

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