Admin Workers are the Most Prolific Smokers in Leeds

Stress, anxiety, and irritation are key factors preventing many in Leeds from quitting smoking, with administration workers identified as the most prolific smokers. A recent study by online retailer Haypp has unveiled the connection between workplace stress and smoking habits, revealing that nearly a quarter (24%) of Leeds residents are more likely to smoke after a challenging day at work.

Top Five Professions Most Addicted to Smoking:

  1. Administration workers
  2. Healthcare professionals
  3. Banking staff
  4. Finance workers
  5. Hospitality and events staff

The Leeds workforce cites stress (60%), anxiety (43%), and irritation (33%) as the primary reasons for smoking. Notably, work-related stress factors prominently among the causes of smoking. Specifically, 25% smoke to release tension, 24% after a hard day at work, 22% to take a break, 21% when under pressure, and 21% due to increased workloads.

Particularly striking is the finding that three-quarters (75%) of smokers in law enforcement admit to smoking more under pressure, compared to the national average of 21%.

In an unexpected twist, 6% of Brits believe smoking has advanced their careers, with this sentiment particularly prevalent among those in science and pharmaceuticals, where a third of workers feel smoking has given them an edge.

Markus Lindblad of Haypp comments:

“The UK government has made significant progress in reducing smoking, but more can be done. The research highlights a clear link between workplace stress and smoking, indicating that employers have a crucial role in reducing smoking rates. Addressing employee stress levels and promoting smoke-free alternatives like vapes or nicotine pouches, which are less harmful than cigarettes, could be effective measures.”

Income also plays a role in smoking habits, with those earning above £85K and below £25K being the most likely to smoke for stress relief.

Surprisingly, only 28% of those surveyed attributed their smoking habits to addiction, and just 29% to alcohol or social situations.

For more insights into how smoking rates vary across different industries, Haypp has developed an online tool. To see how your profession compares, visit Haypp’s Workplace Stress and Smoking Patterns Tool.

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