Doncaster Insurance Firm Donates Over £27,000 to Local Causes

Throughout 2022 the One Call Group raised over £27,000 that has been shared amongst a number of local causes and charities.

Their first donation was a sum of £6,666 to DonMentia, a charity that supports people in Doncaster who are living with and affected by dementia, as well as providing a helping hand to their family members.

Speaking of this donation, One Call CEO Nik Springthorpe said: “We’re incredibly proud of what our team have been able to achieve for DonMentia in such a short amount of time”.

A further £5,000 was raised for a young girl named Ellie, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and left partially paralysed as a result of multiple seizures and surgeries. The money raised will help Ellie attend bespoke physiotherapy sessions to aid her recovery.

Another local girl, Pollie, who was born at just 24 weeks and suffered a bleed on the brain leaving her unable to walk independently, received over £2,300 from One Call to help fund a walking frame at home, as well as various treatment sessions.

The Group also continued its fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support, handing over a donation of over £50,000 in March 2022 after extending their partnership following the coronavirus.

Through One Call’s ‘Round to a Pound’ initiative, £1,200.84 was also raised for The Radford Foundation. These funds will contribute towards building an outdoor play area for the Farmilo Primary School and Nursery in Mansfield.

John Radford, founder of The Radford Foundation said: “We’re so grateful to each customer for helping us to support local causes. We know that things haven’t been easy this past year, so any amount donated, no matter how big or small, is deeply appreciated”.

The Lakeside School in Doncaster will also benefit from One Call’s fundraising, as £8,455 has been donated to help build and install an outdoor gym facility at the Hub. Use of this gym facility will be offered to students, as well as the 71st Doncaster Hunafa Scouts Club who will use it every Saturday.

These outdoor facilities at both schools will provide a safe environment for children’s development whilst improving overall health.

Other donations include over £500 worth of toys provided to The Beechfield Centre in Doncaster where children in foster care, aged from birth to around 16, attend to have supervised visits with their birth family.

Finally, £537.86 has also been donated to the Armthorpe Air Cadets to help fund first aid equipment.

The One Call Group will continue their fundraising efforts throughout 2023 and are excited to see how they can help more local charities and causes.

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